Stop What You're Doing And Check Out This $7,500 Hot Dog Couch Complete With All The Toppings

Hungry for some new home decor? Look no further — behold, the hot dog couch.

The Seletti “Hot Dog” Sofa sold at Neiman Marcus not only makes a unique style statement, it looks delicious!

Complete with toppings and condiments, the couch features an open bun frame, a long, leather hot dog pillow with a mustard painted drizzle, a cucumber and tomato pillow, and even sesame seed embellishments on the back.

This BBQ-inspired sofa retails for $7,500, plus an additional $295 to ship, but is sure to be a priceless conversation piece.

Make sure you place the couch exactly where you want it, however, as this wiener isn’t going anywhere — it comes in at 1,433 pounds.


If hot dogs aren’t your favorite meal off the grill, not to worry, Seletti also has a “Burger” Chair, topped with pickle and tomato pillows, and retailing for a lower price of $4,950.

The tasty pillows are also also sold separately, in case you want to top the more traditional seating you already own with some fresh produce.

However, Seletti doesn’t seem to have an option for non-meat eaters quite yet, as one Twitter user pointed out.

“Is there a vegetarian option tho [sic],” the user wrote, to which another person joked, “you can get it with a plant-based patty for the cushion.”

According to Neiman Marcus’s website, the couch is expected to ship no later than December 6, making this the perfect holiday gift for your meat-loving friends.

If for some reason they’re not a fan of having a six-foot-long hot dog in their living room, the item is returnable within 30 days, if they can fit it through the post-office doors.

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