WATCH: Property Brothers' Drew and Jonathan Scott Get Teary-Eyed Revealing "Forever Home" Makeover for Big Brother JD

Cue the waterworks! Drew and Jonathan Scott share an emotional moment with their older brother and his fiancée during this week’s episode of Property Brothers: Forever Home.

In the exclusive sneak peek above, the twins, 41, reveal their renovation of JD’s Las Vegas bachelor pad, which they’ve transformed into a home for two, and the reactions from the third Property Brother and his bride-to-be Annalee Belle are priceless.

“I’m starting to tear up,” JD (who popped the question in October 2018) says within seconds of seeing his new family-friendly abode. “It doesn’t seem like the same place. It seems like we wandered into someone else’s house.”

“Oh my gosh, it’s so pretty!” Annalee adds. “It’s like exactly what we wanted.”


A teary-eyed Drew jokes, “I mean, maybe a little nicer than the couch you’ve had for 20-plus years.”

In the clip, before-and-after images reveal that the Scott brothers replaced JD’s old couch for a trendy velvet blue one. They also decorated the walls with modern plant décor and accessorized the couch with plenty of throw pillows.

“I approve,” JD says of the newlywed-ready renovation as all four fight back happy tears.

To offset the colorful couch, contractor Drew and realtor Jonathon also added two maroon armchairs, a blue-green rug and an oval-shaped coffee table.

The family’s emotional moment is just one of many captured in the brothers’ latest HGTV series, Property Brothers: Forever Home.

“There’s more heart in the stories,” Jonathan told PEOPLE exclusively of the show, in which the Scotts help families make over the home they already live in to be their dream property. “You get very, very close with these families, when you’re working side by side with them for so long,” he added. “That’s why it’s special.”

The new series also eliminates one major component of the other Property Brothers series: real estate.

“Jonathan and I have been doing our shows for about ten years, and we did find there was sort of a gap,” explained Drew. “For Property Brothers, you had to be looking to buy a house. For Buying and Selling, you had to be selling a house. And we always had people saying to us, what about everybody else in the middle who already has a house and they just want to make it home?”

In addition to his Forever Home feature, JD also appears on Brother Vs. Brother, and works for the family business, Scott Brothers Entertainment. He also lends a hand on job sites, often appearing as a “secret weapon” on the twins’ TV shows.

Aside from his appearances on Drew and Jonathan’s multiple HGTV series, J.D. has written scripts, stories and articles, and was a founding member of Canadian sketch comedy ensemble, YFG. Another important line on his resume: He was once a celebrity impersonator in Las Vegas for stars like Adam Lambert and David Bowie.

Property Brothers: Forever Home “JD and Annalee” premieres Wednesday, July 10 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on HGTV.

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