19 people on the things they hate most about big family Christmases

Christmas is a hectic time. There’s the rush of Christmas shopping, the hours it takes to cook a decent Christmas dinner, and the everlasting parties that involve awkward conversations with people you haven’t seen in months.

Yes, it may be what Christmas is all about but for some, it’s just no fun.

That’s the case for the 19 people we’ve spoken to below, who’ve told us their very relatable reasons for absolutely hating big family Christmases.

Here’s what they said they hated the most about those big Christmas family events.

1. ‘The pressure to be happy at all times.’

2. ‘The endless… endless… questions and interrogation.’

3. ‘Cabin fever – too much social interaction leads to arguments WITHOUT FAIL. It’s horrible.’

4. ‘I’ve never had one thankfully (never had more than six people) but as an introvert I do not like the idea of not being able to hide and recharge alone.’

5. ‘The expectation of everybody being as happy as other people’s big family Christmases.’

6. ‘The bit where one of my relatives inevitably asks if I’m still vegetarian and I have to explain that it’s been 13 years now.’

7. ‘As a teenager, the inevitability of a raging sibling row on Christmas Eve.

‘Today, the weight of expectation of festive familial bliss v. Christmas adverts vs. reality.’

8. ‘Short answer? Big family Christmases.

‘Long answer? Not being given privacy to decompress during what is already a mentally draining day with anxiety sprinkled in, all for fear of being called “antisocial” and “rude”.’

9. ‘How exhausting it is having to socialise constantly, with no space for a break when you get overwhelmed.’

10. ‘The pressure to be sociable and give physical contact such as hugs. Also the “are you still single” question that normally gets asked.’

11. ‘Why after weeks of not seeing anyone do you all of a sudden have to get together Christmas Eve for drinks, Christmas Day for dinner, Boxing Day drinks, see in the new year and then have a meal together New Year’s Day? Alongside work I just want some time to myself!’

12. ‘I hear insensitive comments that are racist, misogynistic, or in bad taste. The speakers are seemingly unaware that what they say can offend someone and label someone calling them out as “no fun.”‘

13. ‘Having to be here, there, and everywhere and not actually stopping and having a holiday!!’

14. ‘Not being able to do things at your own relaxed pace and if you do you are wrong. Bickering. Christmas quizzes and being laughed at if you don’t know the answer to something that others do which then escalates into having your intellect mocked on every level.’

15. ‘The fact there’s always some hostility between family members who haven’t seen each other for a while. Things start off fine but as people get more drunk the snide comments come out and make everyone else feel uncomfortable.’

16. ‘The small talk with family members you barely know because you only EVER see them at these big Christmas events. So, every year it’s the same comments: “I remember when you were a baby”, “So where are you living now?” “Have you met anyone special?” It’s. So. Boring. 

17. ‘The fact that the dinner is always over 80% meat, and people are definitely going to ask why why I’m vegetarian. Also the constant asking about my dating life. Nose out, please, Uncle Fred.’

18. ‘Having to spend time with toxic family members just because “it’s Christmas, a family time” and having to pretend everyone gets along when you don’t.’

19. ‘Being offered turkey when I’ve been vegan for years! Then being told that it’s fine as it’s white meat…’

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