6 Best Cling Film Alternatives 2020 | The Sun UK

CLING FILM has become public enemy number one in the kitchen.

Instead, shoppers are on the hunt for the best cling film alternatives, like stretchy lids, beeswax wraps and silicone sandwich bags.

It's easy to see why cling film's popularity is falling fast: not only is it made of plastic, but the fact it's single use only makes it wasteful too.

Tin foil – another protective food covering – faces a similar fate.

The good news is that an abundance of reusable alternatives to cling film have emerged in recent years.

Convenient and stylish (we're looking at you, beeswax wraps), many can be reused time and again, for weeks, months and even years, without needing to be chucked.

Stretchy lids are a real favourite: made of silicone, these come in different sizes to stretch over bowls, jars, glassware and even fruit.

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