A kid steals my daughter's lunch so I put laxatives in the food

The school bully kept stealing my daughter’s food – so I spiked it with laxatives. Here’s what happened

  • Mum claims she put laxatives in daughter’s food 
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A furious mum has admitted to lacing her daughter’s lunch with laxatives in a desperate bid to stop a school bully from stealing her food.

The mum took to Reddit to explain her daughter’s lunches had been going missing for weeks – she had brought it to the attention of her teacher and principal but they did not seem to care.

‘Both told me to tell my daughter that she should keep her lunch safer and maybe she has just been losing it,’ she said.

So she took matters into her own hands and laced her daughter’s lunch with laxatives.

She gave her daughter some lunch money and told her to keep an eye out on her class mates – to see who needed to use the toilet ‘urgently’.

A furious mum has admitted to lacing her daughter’s lunch with laxatives in a desperate bid to stop a school bully from stealing her food

According to the mum one child stood out from the crowd – a boy she decided to call ‘Billy’ in her story. 

He rushed to the bathroom after lunch, she claimed.

She then repeated the test for a few days. 

‘She repeatedly tells me it comes up missing and he’s the first one to flee to the bathroom,’ the fuming mum said.

But it appears Billy, the sandwich stealer, got the last laugh. 

‘Billy has told his mother that my daughter purposefully fed him food with laxatives, and now my daughter may be suspended from school,’ she said.

The mum felt at a loss over the incident and begged for advice – most people told her to ask why Billy was eating her daughter’s food. 

‘Tell the school there were laxatives in the food because she has been constipated and that it is unfortunate Billy ate the food – but that people need to explain to him that eating other people’s food is unsafe,’ one mum said.

Another agreed: ‘Ask the mother why Billy needs your daughter’s food. Tell them she never would have given it to him because of the laxatives.

But others suggested she keep the facts she laced the lunch with laxatives out of it.

‘The medical stuff is none of their concern. For all they know his gut isn’t used to your food. Just tell them you didn’t give him permission to take the food – and that your daughter went hungry without it,’ one mum said.

She claimed the same boy needed to go to the bathroom each time she spiked her daughter’s lunch (stock image) 

‘What if there were allergens in her food – or in another kid’s food – Billy needs to keep his eyes on his own lunch box and people need to check to see why he is so hungry, is his mum doing enough?’ asked another.

Some people slammed the mum for dosing the food with laxatives.

‘It is illegal to knowingly poison another kid. I’m not even sure you can have unlabeled medicine in a school lunch,’ one mum said.

‘The responses are also disgusting. Regardless of behaviour, poisoning a child (and yeah, if OP actually did this it would be deliberate poisoning) is neither morally nor legally okay,’ said another.

‘So you are publicly admitting that you intentionally poisoned a child? I’m not saying that taking your daughter’s lunch is okay, but poisoning a child is also not okay. As they teach kids, two wrongs don’t make a right. They can press charges against you,’ said another. 

Some people slammed the post as fake.

‘No kid would assume they had taken a laxative,’ one man said.

‘This is fake – the kid wouldn’t have dobbed on himself.’ 

Many people claimed laxatives take days to work – which would make the post a work of fiction.

However on an empty stomach some saline laxatives are known to work in as little as 30 minutes according to the medical professionals at the Mayo clinic.

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