A local hard man ‘sorted’ a problem for me, now he says I owe him and is demanding sex – The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: I HAVE got myself into a situation with a man in my hometown and I’m scared about what he might do.

He’s a bit of hardnut and has been to prison. He’s in his 30s and I’m a girl of 25.

A guy at work was making life tricky for me. I told my mates down the pub, but I didn’t know the tough guy was listening.

A week later he told me he’d “sorted that problem” for me, and sure enough the guy at work is now very helpful.

The hard man then told me to send him rude photos of myself and to kiss him and touch him when we are in the the pub.

He also wants us to have sex and says that I owe him big time.

DEIDRE SAYS: You owe this guy nothing and you are not responsible for whatever he may have done.

If you ever feel in immediate danger, call 999 stating your location first.

Also report his behaviour to the police via 101. Keep away from your usual haunts and avoid being on the streets alone. A personal alarm would be sensible.

If you continue to feel at risk you can get more advice from the National Stalking Helpline (stalkinghelpline.org, 0808 802 0300).

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