Abandoned Shih Tzu so matted you couldn't see her face transforms after rescue

A Shih Tzu with fur so matted you couldn’t even see her face has been rescued after she was found abandoned on a stranger’s driveway.

Poor Ivy, who’s just one year old, was picked up in a dreadful state by the RSPCA.

Locked in a small cat carrier, her fur was so long and uncared for that she couldn’t even see.

RSPCA Cymru says the pooch was left on a residential drive in Shotton near Deeside, where she was found by the homeowners at 6.45pm on May 22.

They contacted the charity, and staff rescued her – finally giving her the trim she so desperately needed.

Animal rescue officer Mel Froude said: ‘She looks like a completely different dog now and hopefully is a lot more comfortable and cooler now she has been trimmed.

‘She’s a lovely little thing – friendly but very nervous.

‘She now has been taken into our care and has been doing well and putting on weight which is great news. She has been named Ivy.’

Ivy wasn’t microchipped, but CCTV footage appears to show the man who left her.

RSPCA inspector Jenny Anderton said: ‘I’m very grateful to the owners of the CCTV footage for allowing me to take a closer look at what was captured.

‘We can now see that there was a blue and grey cat carrier being left at the rear of their property off North Street.

‘It is believed the person came from North Street or the lower half of Shotton Lane.

‘It is believed to have been a man who was on foot at the time carrying the cat carrier, possibly even down the main road in Shotton.

‘He appears to have a beard and moustache, is of a normal to stocky build, and was wearing a black T-shirt with either a baseball cap on backward or sunglasses on his head.

‘If anyone has information about this incident or this dog please can they contact the inspectorate appeal line on 0300 123 8018.’

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