American lad dating Brit woman admits he wants to impress her with ‘wrong’ facts

When it comes to dating, some people will do just about anything to impress their other half.

Now one man, who is believed to be from the US, has asked the internet for advice on wooing his British partner.

In a Reddit post, the user u/UnCaminoHastaVos asked: "Dating a Brit – help me impress her with (wrong) facts."

He revealed how his girlfriend praised him when he made a comment about how the Queen owns all the swans in the country.

The man added: "My girlfriend commented I am doing well with random British knowledge. This is obviously thanks to you lot."

But then he pleaded with Reddit users asking them for incorrect facts that would make him look like a "knob".

He continued: "I quickly realised I'm at the mercy of your collective knowledge.

"So what are some wrong facts I could confidently spout that would make me look like a complete knob?"

His post proved popular as it racked up over 1,700 upvotes and over 900 comments since it was shared two days ago.

And the comments were absolutely hilarious with Brits throwing all kinds of lies at him.

One joked: "The reason it's so hot in the tube is because it's closer to the centre of the earth."

Another turned their attention to Russel Brand as they said he used to be a weatherman.

A third told the lad his girlfriend should ask for the pork sword as it's the "most delicious" off-menu dish at a pub or restaurant.

Other facts people felt the need to share involved dogs, saying that the beloved pet can't look up.

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Meanwhile a user wrote: "Regardless of where in the UK you are, you'll never be more than 6ft away from an abandoned mattress."

Some other Reddit fan commented: "You can have your passport revoked if you try and travel with a Kinder Egg."

Then one other person threw shade at Marmite as they claimed it was originally shoe polish.

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