Anthony Mackie: ‘Altered Carbon’ S2 Is An ‘Emotional Story’ — Takeshi Will Do ‘Crazy Things’ For Love

Anthony Mackie is taking over the role of Takeshi Kovacs in ‘Altered Carbon’ season 2. He spoke EXCLUSIVELY with HL about the more ’emotional’ season 2 and exploring more of Takeshi and Quell’s relationship.

Altered Carbon is back for season 2, which is now streaming, and Takeshi Kovacs has a brand-new sleeve. Anthony Mackie plays Takeshi Kovacs in the highly-anticipated second season of the Netflix series and the character is vastly “different” from the Takeshi of season 1. “Well, in season 1, Takeshi was very dark, very bitter,” Anthony told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY at the show’s press junket on Feb. 25. “He was on a cycle of revenge. In season 2, it’s more of an emotional story. He’s been given the opportunity to find his love and love makes men do crazy things.”

Takeshi goes on a quest to find Quellcrist Falconer (Renée Elise Goldsberry). While we already know their history, their relationship is expanded in season 2. “Their relationship was kind of put on display in season 1, but you really get to see the emotional truth and desire of who they are,” Anthony continued. “There’s a need. They breathe together and you get to see that this season. You really get to see the humble nature of love.”

Joel Kinnaman played the sleeved version of Takeshi Kovacs in season 1. Will Yun Lee is the original Takeshi Kovacs and he pops up again in the second season. Anthony discussed what he took away from the first season performances of Takeshi Kovacs.

“Will and Joel kind of set up Takeshi in a very specific way,” Anthony said. “Like I said, season 1 was about revenge so he was very stoic, he was very dark, very quiet within himself. In this season, it’s more Shakespearean in the way it’s written. I equate it to Romeo & Juliet because everyone is looking for their partner. Everyone is looking for their source of happiness,  so he’s more outwardly emotional and his relationship with Poe comes to the forefront of the series as well. He’s very different.”

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