Are Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande on Good Terms?

One of the biggest celebrity romances of 2018 was that of Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande. The Saturday Night Live star and the pint-sized pop diva were hot and heavy for a few months, moving in together and even getting multiple tattoos honoring each other.

Sadly, their love affair didn’t last. Amidst reports that Grande was tired of being used as a punchline for Davidson’s comedy sketches, the couple split. Still, fans wonder where they stand today and whether or not they are on good terms with each other.

When did Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson start dating?

It all started in early 2016 when Ariana Grande appeared on Saturday Night Live. Davidson, one of the featured players on the show, was said to be smitten with the singer. She dazzled viewers with her incredible range of celebrity impressions, but apparently, nothing of a romantic nature occurred until several years later. After all, at the time, they were both involved with other people. Grande was dating rapper Mac Miller and Davidson was with Cazzie David, daughter of the comedy legend Larry David.

By the early summer of 2018, both Grande and Davidson had split up with their respective significant others. Tongues started wagging only weeks later when they were spotted together at several industry events.

In late May, Grande and Davidson were showing off their matching tattoos on Instagram, and fans quickly realized that they were an item. In June, the couple got engaged. All throughout the rest of the summer, they raved about each other on social media as well as talk shows, gushing about the love that they share. However, the fairy-tale romance was not to last.

Why did Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson break up?

Following a social media hiatus by Grande in the early fall of 2018, the couple started getting hit with split rumors. Neither one commented publicly on the status of their relationship at that time, but in October, a source revealed that the two had broken off their engagement and were no longer together. Ariana Grande seemingly confirmed the news by saying that she’s “trying very hard to keep going” and thanking her fans for being there for her, although she didn’t speak about Davidson in particular.

On his end, Pete Davidson joked at a standup show that he was “looking for a roommate,”. This lead fans to speculate about whether or not Davidson’s consistent remarks about Grande to the press (some of a risque nature) contributed to their breakup.

Are the celebrity exes friendly with each other?

Following their 2018 breakup, Ariana Grande has seemingly sworn off dating for a while. She has stated that while she’s grateful and appreciative of all her past romances, she is taking a break in order to focus on herself and her career. Still, it seems like there’s no bad blood between the former couple.

After the couple broke up, Davidson spoke out on Saturday Night Live, saying that sometimes, things “just don’t work out” and calling Grande a wonderful, strong person. Of course, Grande also referenced Davidson in her hit single, “thank u, next.” Although the title of the song seemed to be shade, the lyrics of the song reinforced that Grande was “thankful” for Davidson.

Davidson has gone on to date renowned actress Kate Beckinsale, while Grande is happily single – it seems safe to say that the two are in a good place these days, (although no word on whether or not the two still have an open line of communication) and genuinely have no ill will for the other.

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