Are you descended from royalty? It’s extremely likely if you have one of nine last names

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Your surname can be a major clue as to whether you are descended from royalty. Having any one of these last names associates you with the aristocracy.

Philip Turvey, executive director at Anglia Research revealed the last names indicating aristocracy.

He told “A family’s status in society persists for centuries, with the English upper classes first adopting surnames in the 11th century.

“As such, many old-fashioned surnames persisted at the top of society for generations.

“These surnames may indicate that you came from a wealthy family, but there are lots of other surnames that may also reveal that you’re related to royalty.”

Royal last names

  • Baskerville
  • Darcy
  • Neville
  • Percy
  • Astley
  • Capell
  • Bryon
  • Clifford
  • Herbert

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There are other ways to work out if you are related to the monarchy.

This can be done looking through family records and online databases.

Philip said: “The best way to begin your journey is by organising the box of old photographs that’ve been sitting in your loft or basement for years.

“Looking through photographs and other documents can help you build out your family tree and history. Ask your family members to look in their homes too, and share anything interesting they find.

“Don’t only look for photographs; newspaper clippings, diaries, education certificates, job records, and family bibles can be great clues in your search for royal ancestry.

“Make sure to write down the names of anyone you to identify so you can do additional research in the future.”

Looking online can help to trace your history too.

Philip said: “Once you’ve got some base knowledge from your family records, it’s time to turn to the internet.

“Ancestry tracing sites such as are a useful source of information, but there are also a few unexpected databases to check.”

He went on: “Parish registers are local church records of baptisms, marriages, and burials and will pre-date official registration.

“Once you’ve uncovered the villages and towns where your relatives lived, you can use the parish register to trace your heritage back to the time of King Henry VII and potentially uncover a long-forgotten marriage to nobility or royalty.”

Or you can turn to palace records. Philip said: “You can also find a list of every individual who worked for the royal household between 1526-1924 online. Covering a period that spans almost 400 years, this is the go-to list if you think you may be related to the Royal Family or your ancestor may have worked for royalty.

“Monarchs would typically employ over 1,000 people, providing plenty of opportunities for you to uncover an ancestor who is tied to the Royal Family in some way.”

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