Astrologers predict what lies ahead as Meghan celebrates birthday

What can Meghan Markle expect at 40? As the Duchess celebrates her birthday, astrologists predict her year ahead – from a reconciliation with William and Kate to writing about motherhood

  • UK-based astrologers have shared predictions for Meghan Markle’s year ahead 
  • Nicolas Aujula claims she will repair bond with Duke and Duchess Cambridge
  • Francesca Oddie says Duchess of Sussex will open up about being a mother

As Meghan Markle celebrates her 40th birthday today, two astrologers have shared their predictions for how her star sign and birth chart might influence her year ahead.

UK-based astrologer Francesca Oddie said Meghan will spend time thinking about the sort of mother she wants to be – and might even write about the experience of raising her daughter Lilibet. 

Meanwhile Nicolas Aujula, a psychic who claims to have predicted Covid-19, said the Duchess of Sussex might repair her relationship with Prince William and Kate this year but believes she will always have a strained bond with Prince Charles.  

Nicolas Aujula, a psychic who claims to have predicted Covid-19, said the Duchess of Sussex might repair her relationship with Prince William and Kate this year. Pictured, in 2018


Born in the sign of Leo, Meghan is warm hearted, commanding and uber confident who definitely wears the trousers in her marriage. She is very good at making things happen and will take no for an answer. 

‘She needs to learn to slow down more as she approaches 40, to not feel like she has to always be in the driving seat. She has a lot of orange hues around her aura, its a very creative and fertile colour. 

Time to heal the rift? 

Nicolas said: ‘Meghan’s relationship with Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will repair but there will always be frosty relationship with Prince Charles. 

‘It’s the sign of independence and not being bound by restriction, she doesn’t follow rules and will always command her own life. 

‘She leads, she does not follow. It’s also makes her a warm mother and carer to others, there is warmth in her heart and she wants to make a difference in the world.’        


Francesca Oddie said: ‘The healing power of motherhood is what strikes me when looking at Megan Markle’s horoscope. 

‘A deep internal transformation that underlies her whole personality has been in process for the past two years and although many people think Megan’s is being dramatic and over the top, I would suggest that the way she has been feeling has been deeply unsettled.

‘The transformation she has been experiencing is galvanised in the birth of her daughter. I often hear clients talk about how their perspective changes when they look at their child and it really puts things into perspective as they see their childhood with fresh eyes.

‘With Saturn in Aquarius opposite Megan’s Sun in her Solar Return chart (AKA birthday chart) this is her year to make it, whatever “it” is. 

‘Transiting Chiron, the wounded healer, is on her MC and this makes me think that she is reflecting deeply on how she interfaces with the world, her childhood but also how she wants to mother. How does she want her daughter to see her? Fresh love is incredibly motivating and can be a catalyst to live a different life.’

More business ventures? Francesca predicts Meghan and Harry’s relationship will become even more professional this year


Francesca said: ‘Transiting Mars is on her Natal Ceres in Virgo, this also repeats the idea that the style of parenting, nurturing and healthcare that Megan focusses on will be something that she is considering deeply at the moment. 

Small things on the horizon for Meghan? 

Nicolas added Meghan will go on a ‘memorable trip to a tropical island’ and will ‘lose a valuable piece of jewellery’ this year. 

‘The food, products and lifestyle choices she makes for herself and her baby will be of great interest. Virgo is very focused on diet, health and daily routines. 

‘It wouldn’t be at all surprising if Megan spoke, wrote or shared some ideas on what mothering her daughter means for her.’


Francesca continued: ‘With Saturn still transiting her 7th house, her relationship with Harry may take on an even more professional role. There could be some challenges, but Saturn confers work in every sense of the word.

‘There are more shocks, changes and turnarounds coming for Megan this year, but I think the professional capacity of Megan was a woman and mother is about to be monetised, perhaps also with a philanthropic element to whatever she creates.’        

Nicolas added: ‘Meghan will create awareness on growing hunger in the world, hunger will become a global problem. She will champion women’s rights, especially education for young girls.

‘She will continue grow into popularity in US, she will eclipse Hollywood royalty to make her own place in history… The world of politics will open up for her in coming years.’ 

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