Bloke dubbed ‘biggest monster in Brazil’ claims to have ‘god’s biggest triceps’

A man dubbed "the biggest monster in Brazil" left people stunned when he showed off his 31-inch biceps.

The extreme bodybuilder, who called himself "hulkajunior" on TikTok, flexed his arm muscles in the videos – claiming them as "God's biggest triceps".

In one video, he stands in the corner of a room and makes a fist to tense his arms before bending his elbows.

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He explained in a voiceover that his upper arms have a circumference of 80cm (31inch), which is about the size of an adult man's waist.

Calling himself "the biggest monster on the face of the Earth", he added: "I don't care about people's criticism .

"I follow my plan every day and be the true champion."

In another video, he shows off his spider web tattoos across his chest and soulders.

Inspired by fictional character like The Hulk, he becomes well-known on the video-sharing platform and has amassed 41,000 followers.

It appeared that the man has been injecting mineral oil into his muscles for the enhanced look as he shared a clip with needles emojis, saying: "Mineral oil."

One fan wrote: "Hulk!"

A second said: "You look like you are getting bigger, mate!"

But some were not impressed by the looks and even voiced concerns over his health.

"Dude ruined his life," a person commented and another penned: "This one won the most bizarre award of all."

"That looks dangerous, how sad," a third added.

In August, a bodybuilder dubbed "Brazilian Hulk" died at the age of 55 after injecting a muscle enhancer called Synthol.

Valdir Segato ignored doctor's warning and carried on growing his 23-inch biceps.

He said in a 2016 interview: "They call me Hulk, Schwarzenegger and He-Man all the time and I like that.

"I've doubled my biceps but I still want to be bigger."


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