Bride messages makeup artist homophobic abuse after finding out she's gay

A woman has gone viral on Twitter after she shared a screenshot of homophobic messages from a bride who wanted her to do her wedding makeup.

Kristian received a text from a women asking whether she was available to do her wedding makeup, as she had been recommended by a friend.

But after Kristian explained her prices, the woman had just one question to ask: Whether she was gay.

Kristian said that yes, she was gay, but couldn’t understand what that had to do with the booking.

And then she received an unbelievable response that’ll make you feel like you’re back in the 1900s.

The woman replied: ‘Oh I don’t want a gay person doing my wedding.

‘I saw your Facebook and couldn’t tell if you were or weren’t gay.’

Instead of getting angry, Kristian simply replied: ‘Okay that’s totally fine, you have a nice day!’

But the woman didn’t stop there.

She continued: ‘I still have more questions. How can you be a latina woman and be gay?

‘You do know being gay is a sin correct.

‘I will pray for you my friend. I’m sorry that you’ve chosen a path that’s going to send you straight to hell.

‘I think you do beautiful makeup but I just can’t have someone who’s gay being a part of my special day.

‘The wedding is in a church and I don’t want you walking into my church.

‘If you at any chance change your mind about being gay let me know please so I can book you.’

Yes, she really had the audacity to send that last part.

Kristian didn’t respond to the messages and instead shared them to Twitter, writing: ‘Openly sharing who I am with the world is my choice; a choice i will never apologize for.

‘I love what I do and who I am. Today I was taken back a little bit. Homophobia is a real issue still in 2019. Please just be kind to everyone you meet.’

The tweet received more than 37,000 retweets and 169,000 likes, and loads of supportive messages.

One person said: ‘What a disgusting human being. Well done for staying so professional, even though they didn’t deserve it!’

Another said: ‘Sorry to hear that this happened to you, your responses were excellent though.’

In other news, can we just take a moment to appreciate how wonderfully talented Kristian is at makeup?

Here’s one of her looks:

That lady is definitely missing out.

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