Brits left in stitches at cockney rhyming slang ‘language option’ on ATM

Getting cash out is a mundane task for most, and can be worrying for others.

However, this ATM might be an exception to the above.

Instead of having the bog standard language options, this East London machine provides the option to have the words on the screen translated to 'Cockney'.

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Impressed by the diverse selection on the cash point, one tickled Brit took to Twitter to share their discovery.

After having chosen the 'Cockney' language option, they were asked to enter their "Huckleberry Finn" – which means pin in the rhyming slang.

The Brit then was given four choices on how they would like to use the cash machine and was asked if they want some "moolah" for their "sky rocket" (money for their pocket) or to check their "rattle and tank" (bank) balance.

"Balance on Charlie Sheen, sausage and mash no receipt, balance on Fleet Street, sausage and mash with receipt", the chirpy screen read.

If you're in need of a translation, then let us give you a hand.

'Charlie Sheen' means screen, sausage and mash translates to cash and 'Fleet Street' is receipt in Cockney.

To finish off the East London themed machine, it ordered the Brit to "take your bladder of lard, sausage and mash will follow" which of course translates to card and cash.

Left in stitches by the ATM, many people fled to the comments to offer their thoughts on the alternative option.

One person commented: "This is amazing."

Another user added: "Science has gone too far."

While a third voiced: "I legit used a cash machine with cockney once and I had to cancel and start again cos I had absolutely no idea what was going on."

Someone else praised: "Wish this was everywhere."

Meanwhile, a fifth remarked: "Sausage and mash, cash!"


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