BTS Plays With V’s Dog Yeontan In Cute New Video & Fans Are Swooning – Watch

BTS can’t get enough of playing with V’s little dog Yeontan, and their fans are fully in agreement. This video of their cuddle session is too cute for words.

ARMYs — stop literally everything you’re doing right now. So, BTS posted an amazing video last night showing the boys playing and cuddling with V‘s adorable dog, Yeontan, and it’s so sweet. This, of course, isn’t the first time V’s shown off his pup to fans, but the boys’ latest video starring Yeontan is definitely the best. Some highlights include: Hobi giving Yeontan tons of kisses, Yoongi rubbing his belly, Taehyung clapping and looking incredibly proud when the doggo catches his toys, and Jungkook totally babying and caressing him as they cuddle on a couch.

Truly, Jimin is the Yeontan fan club president. In multiple clips from BTS’ video, he’s pretty much ignoring the other guys to play with the pup. In the second video below, Jimin is copying Yeontan’s every move while they wrestle over toys together. In another, Jimin picks up Yeontan so the little guy can look out the window, because he wants to feel tall. We honestly can’t get enough of this adorable video, and we know that other ARMYs agree!

The tweets from fans about Yeontan and BTS’ love affair are too hilarious for words. “get me someone who looks at me the way yeontan looks at hoseok,” one fan tweeted. Another incredible fan captioned a video of Yoongi, which you can see below, “I don’t want to be an accountant anymore, I just want to be like yeontan.” Same, girl, same. Other fans were super jealous of V’s dog, too. “TANNIE RLY OUT HERE LIVING THE DREAM GETTING KISSES FROM HOBI AND SITTING ON YOONGI’S LAP ALL AT THE SAME TIME WOW ONLY YEONTAN CAN RELATE WOW,” tweeted one.

Another tweeted some real advice to her fellow ARMYs: “some of you will never be yeontan and that is ok. just be who you are.” Honestly, who do you think is luckier right now: Yeontan or BTS?

Shortly before the boys hung out with Yeontan, BTS posted a different video that shows, blessedly, Jungkook swimming. Fans jokingly called him the “new Michael Phelps” and got Michael trending because of that! Now that’s one dedicated fandom.

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