Cancer Season Wants You to Crab-Walk Away From All the Drama

The beginning of Cancer season and the summer solstice coincide on June 21, kicking off a month intended for rest, relaxation, and becoming more in tune with your inner, emotional side. It’s summer! The water signs Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces are happily sailing through Cancer season, while the cardinal signs Aries, Libra, and Capricorn have to work a little harder to stay afloat.

While spring season was all about newness and adding more variety to your life, summer is all about taking what you found and bringing it into your life, especially now that the Sun is in Cancer. You’re turning your buddies into your besties, growing closer to your loved ones, and getting in touch with your roots—your history, your background, and your family. It’s an inherently emotional time (which makes sense—Cancer is known as one of the moodiest signs!), but that doesn’t make it a bad time at all.

Even the most outgoing person is feeling more introverted and private during Cancer season. It’s a time to focus on who or what matters most. Cancer is the sign of family, so call them up! If your relationship with your biological family isn’t great, you’re able to focus on celebrating and strengthening your connections with your chosen family.

Like I mentioned, Cancer is one of the moodiest signs, so if you’re having a bad day during Cancer season, you can start acting pretty, well, (wait for it…) crabby. You’re also way more sensitive right now, no matter your own zodiac sign. Here’s a pro tip for navigating any potential murky waters you encounter: Don’t lash out with your crab claws 🦀, but side step away from the drama. Try to clear your head before addressing anything!

It bears repeating that this is a very emotional month ahead, but it’s still a month with tremendous potential. Dig deep, reconnect with your inner self, and embrace those who matter most to you. In the meantime, make sure to get plenty of R&R—you’ll want to have your batteries fully charged for Leo season!!

Read your Sun/Rising sign horoscopes for Cancer season 2022:


Settle down, Aries! This month is all about chilling out—you’re spending lots of time staying in solo, and you’re not in the mood to overextend yourself at work. Stay at home, embrace your introverted side, and relax. You deserve some rest!


You’re learning how to express your feelings! As an earth sign, emotions can be difficult for you to manage, but right now, opening up doesn’t feel strange at all. Tell your friends how much they mean to you, tell your partner that you love them more, and make sure to open yourself up to receiving the feelings of others, too.


It’s time to commit. Not commit to a person or a relationship, but to your values. Who or what means the most to you? What are your beliefs? The morals that you absolutely stand by, one hundred percent? Focus, Gemini! This isn’t the time to fool around—you need to get serious.


Happy birthday! Everyone’s vibing on the same level, and right now, it’s all about you. Focus on whichever relationships, projects, or jobs that you deem the most important, because you can make some serious magic happen. Anything that you initiate right now will have serious longevity!


You’re feeling a little crabby (yes, I’m making another crab pun), and my advice is to just retreat into your shell. You need alone time! You’re dealing with dreams and memories from the past—both good and bad—you need to take some time to sit with your feelings and sort through everything. You need a clean plate so when your birthday comes around you can live life to the fullest, baggage free!


Hey, social butterfly! This month’s astro is encouraging you to fine-tune your crew—you’re figuring out who you fit in with the best, making new friends, and ditching frenemies. It might feel like your pals are playing musical chairs, moving in and out of your squad, but by the end of the month, you and your besties will be thriving.


The pressure is on this month, Libra, especially when it comes to life at the office. You’re focusing a lot on your job—not just the busy work you have to deal with, but with your career goals in general—and it’s important that you work as hard as you can. Good work will be rewarded, maybe with a raise or even a promotion, but bad work will be equally recognized, and can lead to some serious consequences.


Despite Cancer season’s introverted vibes, you’re actually feeling a little more adventurous. This month is encouraging you to broaden your horizons and expand your perspective on life. This can happen by learning to listen more, connecting with people with a variety of different backgrounds or beliefs, or just binging as many Netflix docs as you can—whatever you do, you’re becoming a more well-rounded person.


People often say you’re a flaky, non-committal sign, but this month, you’re defying the stereotypes! Cancer season is all about forming deep, meaningful relationships, and you’re really embodying these vibes and taking your most important relationships to the next level. It’s a very emotional time, but the potential for experiencing true intimacy is sky-high.


This month is all about cooperating, collaborating, and working with others—whenever you’re with your boo, a business colleague, or your bestie, you’re getting a ton done. Cancer season is also cuffing season for your sign, so if you’re looking for love, you’re totally in luck!


You need to work on emotional regulation, Aquarius. If you feel like you’re getting absolutely crushed by stress, take a deeper look at things—maybe your job is kicking your ass, or your place is a total mess, or you’re in a toxic relationship. Be practical, focus on getting rid of the root of the problem, and try to tidy up and set healthier habits. You’ll feel better than ever by the end of the month.


The Sun is activating your chart’s zone of romance, sex, and fun for the next month, so you’re getting tons of action, experiencing loads of romance, and just having a plain ol’ good time! No, you’re not having a ~perfect~ Cancer season, but you are running into tons of opportunities to express love, receive love, and live life to the fullest. Enjoy!

Happy Cancer Season!

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