Caroline Kole Unveils Relationship Frustrations With Electro-Pop Single ‘Always Almost’: Watch Video

Caroline Kole taps into the mind of almost every girl who has ever been in a relationship with her new single, ‘Always Almost!’ See her new music video on HollywoodLife!

Singer Caroline Kole shows off her sultry pop vocals and electronic influences in her latest single “Always Almost,” and now the we have a visual to go along with it! Premiering EXCLUSIVELY on, Caroline’s video for the song features her silhouette in what is probably an epic lewk, along with a silhouette of a man. “I tend to do a lot of story line-driven videos, and this time I just wanted to create an atmosphere,” she explained to HL of the video. “Visuals describing the feeling of being so close, and yet so far away.”

Discovered by the Reba McEntire when she was just 13, Caroline has taken the time to find her voice, moving from the country genre and into pop-dance, where her vocal talent certainly thrives. Her song “Right Now” with electronic duo VAVO, charted #32 on Billboard Dance and #16 on MediaBase Dance, and this latest release comes off her Only Slightly Emotional EP. “In a relational way, it’s always been hard for me to admit to myself and the other person when I don’t feel things are right, even when all the reasons are undeniably clear and right in front of me,” Caroline said of the lyrical inspiration of “Always Almost.” “To me, this song is the soundtrack of that internal struggle.”

The storyline of “Always Almost” is certainly something everyone can relate to! Caroline’s other songs are similarly very vulnerable and relatable for her fans. At 21 years old, she’s a promising artist with multiple successful singles under her belt, with many more to come!

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