Carpet cleaning hack lifts stubborn stains without you having to break a sweat

Anyone with a cream carpet or rug will know the struggles they come with.

Whether you’ve dropped your dinner on the floor, or trod dirt through your house, keeping your interiors looking clean can be difficult.

So when the Queen of Clean shared a tip with her followers, they lapped it up.

The popular blogger, called Lynsey, says Rug Doctor can help you get rid of stains “with ease”.

On her Instagram story, she showed how the appliance works.

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Lynsey wrote: “I’m going to show you how easily this amazing @rugdoctoruk removed stains.”

Using downwards motions, she worked to lift dirt from her rug.

And on areas where bigger stains were present, she made more vigorous movements to eliminate them.

Before and after snaps show how effective this method was.

The influencer gushed that it’s “amazing” to have got “both stains out with ease”.

To buy one of the devices on the Rug Doctor website, you can expect to pay upwards of £160.

This is pretty pricy – but if the product is out of your budget, there’s no need to fret.

The company offers customers the opportunity to hire out the cleaning machine.

You can borrow a Rug Doctor for 24 hours from £22.99.

Alternatively, 48 hour hire retails from £28.99.

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