Cringe-worthy celebrity prom photos of all your favourite A-listers

They weren’t always red carpet ready! From dodgy fake tans to awkward grins, celebrity prom photos prove even stars like Angelina and Lady Gaga were once awkward teenagers

  • A new gallery compiled by BoredPanda reveals American A-listers’ prom photos
  • Awkward teenagers are a far from the chic and stylish celebrities we all know 
  • Lady Gaga, Blake Lively and Barack Obama all look better with age 

It’s easy to forget that our favourite celebrities had lives before gracing red carpets, taking to the stage or stepping in front of film cameras. 

But these cringe-worthy prom photos prove that even the most glamorous stars were once awkward teenagers. 

A new online gallery compiled by BoredPanda shows American A-listers from Lady Gaga to Taylor Swift, Jon Hamm to Blake Lively, all struggling with fake tans, goofy grins and awkward smiles as they posed for the camera as teenagers. 

Read on to see if you can recognise your favourites… 

Lady Gaga, real name Stefani Germanotta, looks almost unrecognisable in her prom picture (left). Right, the A-lister at the 25th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards in Los Angeles 2018

President Obama looks trendy in a white suit jacket and black trousers in his prom photograph taken in Honolulu in 1979. Right, the former President at Buckingham Palace in 2011


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