Daily horoscope for July 16: Your star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast

Astrology: Expert explains what your star sign means about you

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While daily horoscopes specifically for your star sign are really useful, it’s still beneficial to understand what’s going on in the sky. This way, you can seek to understand why the people around you are behaving how they are and how you can best tackle the day. Express.co.uk reveals the daily horoscope for July 16.

The Libra moon forms a supportive aspect to Saturn this morning, which the astrologers at Horoscope.com say will help us set structures around our professional and romantic goals.

The experts at Tarot.com said: “We may like the idea of things today, and our plans might really be solid as the Moon in Libra forms a stabilizing trine with Saturn in Aquarius, both intellectual Air signs this morning.

“However, these plans could have a better outcome if we are able to be realistic about their limitations.”

The Moon’s interactions with individualistic Uranus and sensitive Chiron are more challenging.

This means we may not get everything we want in terms of sensual pleasure or understanding from others, the astrologers said.

Chiron is retrograde in Aries and it’s going to be a little bit difficult for us today, they added.

The astrologers explained: “A harsh aspect to healing asteroid Chiron a short time later threatens to challenge our energy level.

“The balance you keep between your responsibilities and self-care is an important theme today.

“You need to make sure you’re checking in with yourself often to avoid tiring yourself out.”

Uranus is the planet of technology, rebellion and innovation and it’s currently in Taurus.

The astrologers say there will be more traction when an unbalanced aspect to unpredictable Uranus throws a wrench in our plans, leaving us scrambling to hold things together.

Don’t forget Neptune either, which is currently in Pisces but about to form an off-putting aspect to Venus.

They said: “Confusion could manifest in romantic partnerships as well.

“Keep your guard up against overly charismatic people right now, because there is a chance you could be taken for a ride if you fall too hard for charm over substance.”

The astrologers at Horoscope.com concluded: “Though the day may feel like it’s filled with uncertainty, fluctuations in energy, and confusion, things clear up this evening when the moon shares a supportive connection to Mars.

“You’ll likely feel motivated to work on a passion project or even spend a little one-on-one time under the sheets, but try not to stay up too late.

“A connection between the moon and Neptune could bring strange dreams your way tonight, but try not to read too much into them.

“Any messages that come through will likely be too convoluted to unpack.”

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