Daily horoscope for June 13: Your star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast today

The Moon sails through the zodiac of Scorpio the Scorpion between Thursday, June 13, and Friday, June 14. Scorpio is the eighth of the 12 signs of the zodiac in the constellation Scorpius. Scorpio is an elemental sign of water and is ruled over by the planet Mars and the dwarf Pluto. In astrology, Scorpio is considered to be a brave and stubborn influence, known for its tenacity and camaraderie.

People who have a strong Scorpio influence in their charts are said to be truthful and passionate individuals.

Scorpios have a distaste for secrecy and as a result, might often come off as jealous or distrusting.

But Scorpios are also great friends who are reliable and a shoulder to cry on when need be.

Alongside the Moon in Scorpio today is the Sun in Gemini the Twins.

Gemini is the third sign of the zodiac and the Sun will remain in this position until June 21.

Gemini is said to be quick to learn and quick to adapt to changing circumstances.

The star sign is also best suited towards seeking out friendship and finds comfort in being surrounded by loved ones.

On the other hand, Gemini hates being alone or confined to a space without access to other people.

Combined together, astrologer Debra Silverman of Astrology Answers, believes the two zodiacs form an “interesting combination”.

Gemini likes to talk. Scorpio doesn’t like to talk

Debra Silverman, Astrology Answers

The astrologer said: “Gemini likes to talk. Scorpio doesn’t like to talk.

“Gemini is superficial. Scorpio is very deep.

“Put them together – that’s how you think of astrology – it’s like a blender.

“So we’ve got this little, lighthearted, kid-like, ‘dippy-doo-dah-aren’t we having fun’.

“Oh, now we drop in Scorpio – ooh, it’s getting dark, it’s getting murky.”

When Scorpio and Gemini mix together conversations will have a tendency to go “deep”.

At the same time, you might feel all sorts of moody and mean today but this can be overcome if you pay attention to your words.

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