Daughter of flirty D-day veteran jokes ‘she can’t take him anywhere’

The daughter of a D-Day veteran who made a flirty remark to First Lady Melania has said she "can't take him anywhere".

Thomas Cuthbert, 93, quipped "if only I was 20 years younger" while chatting to Donald Trump at the D-Day 75 national commemoration yesterday.

And Trump replied during the light-hearted moment at the D-Day 75 national commemoration: "You could handle it no question."

Saying it was nice to meet him, the president added: "It's my honour, believe me, thank you very much."

Now, Mr Cuthbert's daughter Carole has revealed her father's cheeky ways.

Carole said she even asked her dad not to break royal protocol by touching the Queen, but revealed how she thinks her did give Her Majesty a "little nudge".

She told the Mail Online : "I said to President Trump 'I can't take him anywhere' after he said what he said to Melania. He gave me a little smile. The President was very respectful to all the veterans.

"He always jokes with people.

"He has always been a bit of character. You're never sure what he is going to. I did try and make him behave."

Mr Cuthbert's extraordinary wartime exploits came to light during the commemoration, including how he sailed to Normandy on a 'floating bomb' and saw 173 people – including his own family – crushed to death in the 1943 Bethnal Green Tube disaster.

After the reception, Mr Cuthbert, from Elmstead Market, Essex, said that Mr Trump "came across very well".

He added: "He surprised me, when you see someone on the TV but he seemed different, he seemed one of the boys. His wife was very pleasant as well."

Mr Cuthbert was awarded the Legion D'Honneur in May 2017 for his role in the D-Day landings during which he served on a landing barge oiler anchored off shore from Utah and Omaha beaches.

The veteran's daughter Carole described how her father wasn't always a flirt, and married the "love of his life" Joyce in 1945 when he was 18.

Carole described how Joyce passed away 25 years ago, and since then her veteran father has not been interested in finding another partner.

Prince Charles also chatted to Mr Cuthbert during the memorial event.

Charles served in the Royal Navy in the 1970s, ending his career commanding the minesweeper HMS Bronington and joked with Mr Cuthbert about suffering from sea sickness.

Referring to a segment of the commemorations that highlighted the conditions the men had to endure on the vessels heading to Normandy, the prince told Mr Cuthbert: "As they were saying the smell of the fuel and people being sick must have been terrible.

"I remember being in the navy and always being sick, and there was always someone who was never sick and would always appear with a mug of steaming soup."

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