Defines Elegance On High Seas: Inside Giorgio Armani’s $65 Million Yacht ‘Main’

Giorgio Armani has been a pioneer in bringing minimalist high-end menswear fashion to the mainstream audience. A living legend, he successfully built his business empire worth $9.53 billion today. As many successful men are known to own yachts, Armani was no different. After visiting others and chartering a few for several years, he decided to design his yacht. The designer believed that none of them suited his style. He concluded that yachts were too white and had flashy designs. As a fan of elegant simplicity, he designed a yacht to let the interior do the talking. Unlike anything seen before, Maìn’s design is truly one of a kind.

From creating comfortable yet luxurious rooms to using innovative technology for the amenities, the yacht designed by Giorgio Armani is perfection on water. Let’s take a glimpse inside the $65 million and what truly makes it an elegant home on the water.

Designed by Armani

Giorgio Armani decided to design the superyacht himself when he needed to own a yacht that would cater to his needs. According to L’Official USA, it took 30 months to create and design the yacht, and it was completed in 2008 with the help of the construction company Codecasa. The 65-meter hull has a unique color scheme, and Armani took it upon himself to design every inch, including the blinds and windows that offer a scenic view of the ocean.

Named With Nostalgia, Designed To Perfection

The designer has multiple yachts in his collection, and one of the yachts is called Mariù, which was his mother’s nickname for him. He named his 65-meter yacht Maìn after his mother’s other affectionate nickname, which is a constant reminder for Armani of his humble beginnings in Italy. Armani has mentioned that his mother was an elegant woman, and he has used her approach to create interiors and fashion over the years. In the study of his cabin in Maìn, Armani has a picture of his mother on the desk.

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Strong and Compact Appearance

Armani wanted to design the yacht to look like a military boat. As he was in the army during the 1950s, his idea to paint the yacht army green comes from the same roots, as noted by Vogue. As the Maìn is not meant to be flashy, Armani decided to use a camouflage shade to blend the boat and the sea to remain reclusive from the other bright yachts around.

Luxurious Interior

A luxury enterprise in every form, the yacht has crystal glass at the top to give better visibility of the sea. The floors feature natural birchwood, bulkheads, and Venetian blinds. The galley is designed with retro lacquered glass, while the main deck features an electric fireplace. The ceilings are colored in the shades of metal grey, while the other areas are in the shade of army green to echo the exterior.

Comfortable Accommodation

The overall interior of the yacht looks like it does not have walls. Armani found it challenging to find space to create his designs since most of the work done by Codecasa was under the floors. As mentioned by Yacht Harbor, the vessel has seven cabins that can accommodate 12 people and separate cabins for 14 crew members. Along with the unique color scheme, people on board can enjoy the marble bathrooms, cinema room, and gym. The heart of the yacht is the living room that features decor from Armani Casa. The main deck has two separate areas, the fireplace space and the sitting room. Most of the furniture aboard the Maìn is customized by the Interior Designer specialists at Armani Casa.

Powerful Machinery

Not only does the Maìn offer an unforgettable experience on the boat, but it also ensures a safe passage over the ocean with its potent engine and built. The yacht is equipped with 2 Caterpillar engines that give her a maximum speed of 17 knots. With a volume of 1,147 knots, it has a range of 6,000 miles at 14 knots. It offers enough power for Armani to travel between his favorite homes located in Saint Tropez and the Italian island Pantelleria.

Precious Stone Panels

Growing up on the Mediterranean Sea, Armani has always loved the water. While creating the yacht, he arranged spaces that would provide visual freedom. His favorite part of the Maìn is the veranda-attached living space and his cabin that is designed with skillfully crafted paneling that is made from precious materials. The interior of his cabin also features an antique Japanese cabinet, as reported by Boat International.

Unconventional Amenities

One of the most prominent aspects of any vessel is the decks. Every luxurious superyacht is always equipped with multiple decks; however, Armani never built decks for Maìn. To not disturb the purity of the design and structure, he removed the characteristics seen in an old ship. The technical parts mainly on display are tucked in the stern garage under the staircase that takes people straight to the water from the yacht.

Giorgio Armani’s superyacht Maìn is an experience in itself. He worked closely with his designers to create a home on the water to design it. The designer is frequently seen aboard the yacht, spending his summer vacations with family and friends. In March 2021, he teamed up with The Italian Sea Group to design a 236-foot yacht that will debut in 2024.

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