Diet guru reveals the 3 fruits that are STOPPING you losing weight – and what to eat instead | The Sun

IF you're minding your weight, a piece of fruit might seem like a guilt-free snack option.

But according to diet guru Dr Michael Mosley, not all fruits are created equal.

The TV presenter and trained doctor who made the 5:2 diet famous, and if a firm advocate of Mediterranean-style eating, as it focuses "less on eating the wrong foods, and more on eating the right foods", according to his website.

Dr Mosley is also the creator of The Fast 800 and Very Fast 800 diets, short and rapid-weight loss nutrition programmes which see people consuming 800 calories a day.

While snacking on fruit is usually encouraged for dieters, Dr Michael revealed that some could actually be hindering your weight loss.

On his website, the diet guru said "sweet tropical fruits such as mango, pineapple and melon" should be avoided due to their high sugar content.

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Instead, opt for berries, apples or pears, he suggested.

These fruits contain "less sugar" than their tropical counterparts, Dr Mosley explained.

Speaking on his BBC podcast 'Just One Thing', Dr Mosley waxed lyrical about the health benefits of eating an apple a day.

He said the 'delicious snack' could improve blood flow, boost your brain and trim your waistline, all in one.

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Apple skin in packed with chemical compounds called flavonoids, which can help heart health and cognitive function.

An eating one of these humble fruits a day has even been linked to a longer life the doctor claimed, as it can improve cholesterol and lessen inflammation.

If you're looking to slim down fast, Dr Mosely also suggested you "cut right down on sugar" by cutting out sugary treats, drinks and deserts. Reach instead for berries or a square of dark chocolate, he continued.

Breakfast cereals are also up there in the list of Dr Mosley's no-no's, as are low fat products and processed starchy food.

As for foods that you can enjoy without worrying they will impact your health, the diet guru suggested you start your day with eggs.

"Boiled, poached, scrambled or as an omelette – they’ll keep you feeling fuller for longer compared to cereal or toast," he wrote.

Full fat yoghurt dotted with berries, nuts and a dash of cinnamon was another one of his recommendations.

A humble vegetable has recently taken over headlines as a hidden superfood – scientists found that eating three and a half cups of broccoli each day can significantly improve your gut health, as well as help with weight management, brain health, inflammation to immune function.

And sleep experts have said that snacking on a kiwi or two before bed can really help you get that extra beauty sleep.

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