Disney cast member says TikTok 'hacks' the ruining 'magical' moments

Disney cast member hits out at TikTok ‘hacks’ for ruining ‘magical’ experiences

  • Tyson Blatter, from Ohio, said doing the shirt hack would ‘waste a bunch of time’  
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A Disney cast member of five us urging urged visitors not to boast about their ‘free hacks’ when they enter Disneyland. 

Tyson Blatter, from Ohio, spoke out after model Heleni tried to use a tip from TikTok at the theme park in Florida – wearing just a bikini as she entered in order to get a free t-shirt. 

She claimed staff at the theme park tried to ‘force’ her to buy a top after she arrived in a black bikini top, brandishing the hack as ‘debunked’.

However, voice actor Tyson hit out at her video and the hack, stating it was ‘lame’, giving the viral ‘trick’ a zero out of ten. 

In his own TikTok video, he said that using such tricks means they disappear ‘for pretty much everyone’ – including those who might very well need free items. 

Disney cast member of five years, Tyson Blatter (pictured) urged visitors not to advertise when something ‘magical’ happens to them at theme park as a hack for free things. He said the free vouchers are for people who actually need them

Model and influencer, Heleni (pictured), tried to get a free t-shirt by entering the park in a barely there bikini. She redressed into her original black top as she claimed Disneyland staff tried to ‘force’ her to buy a shirt

Heleni did not originate the hack where visitors adorn non-modest clothing to the family theme park in an attempt to get free Disney merchandise.

Mother, Amanda DiMeo, sparked the trend in a TikTok video that now has 6.2 million likes on May 19, 2021.

Amanda told viewers that if they wore a top that displayed a bit of skin on entry to the Magic Kingdom, then staff would award them with a ticket for a free top.

She gleefully said: ‘I just got a $75 t-shirt [for free] because I was wearing a shirt that was exposing my under boob a little bit.’

She continued to write about the free item: ‘Ok, but it’s so cute, and if it’s free it’s for me. Thank you Disney.’

But according to Disney cast member, Tyson, viral hacks broadcast by the likes of DiMeo and Heleni are ruining magical experiences at the family theme park for everyone.

He explained that he was not trying to ‘bash’ or direct ‘hate’ at any users, but when an individual share these one-time occurrences as ‘hacks’ it leads to an ‘insane’ amount of people also trying it.

This means in the long-run potential free items stop for everybody, he divulged: ‘People get angry when they don’t get free shirts, and then they have to get rid of it for everyone.’

Amanda DiMeo kicked off the now viral hack, stating that she managed to get a free shirt because her shirt was exposing ‘a bit of under boob’. The video has now amassed 31.4 million views

He added: ‘The real Disney hack here is if something magical happens to you, oh my gosh, please do not advertise it as something that you can get every time.’  

The hack will only result in an ultimatum between purchasing an appropriate item of clothing or having to leave Disneyland, according to the cast member.

The TikToker advised visitors of the theme park to ‘bring another shirt’, as he stated attempting the ill-informed hack is a waste of time. 

He stated: ‘They can’t force you to buy anything, but if you don’t want to abide by the rules of this private business they can deny entry. 

‘So it’s just not worth the time.’

Revealing why Disney give out the free items, Tyson elaborated that when something bad occurs at the park, Disney try their utmost ‘to make up for it’.

He said: ‘Those little flyers or things that they hand out to people are reserved for people that get like baby throw up on them or like something else that’s really bad

The voice actor continued:  We want to be able to fix [that] so they can enjoy themselves not because you want a free shirt.’

Disney fans flocked to the comment section to agree with the Disney cast member of five years, stating that it is ‘not magic if it always happens!’

Onlookers flooded the comments in agreement with the Disney cast member’s take, with one writing: ‘It’s not magic if it always happens!! Thank you for sharing this!’

Another added: ‘I totally agree with your viewpoint it can be so frustrating I imagine.’ 

Some expressed concern that the misuse of such ‘hacks’ would up the prices at the theme park, with one adding: ‘Not to mention if they gave everyone a shirt for free, all the prices of everything else would go up to equalize that and everyone would be mad!’

Others shared the positive experiences they had with Disney cast members who tried to bring the magic back to their vacations. 

One commented: ‘I got one for a free stuffed animal because someone stepped on my foot and rebroke my toe.’ 

While another said: ‘A cast member gave us our first pin to collect for free. Made our whole vacation.’ 

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