Dog sees miraculous recovery after surgeons remove 'football-sized' tumour

*Content warning: graphic images below.

There’s nothing we love more than a heartwarming story about an adorable dog.

Please meet Bouncer, a nine-year-old Labrador retriever who has seen a miraculous recovery following surgery to remove a huge lump from his hind leg.

The scary tumour was thankfully benign, and consisted of an overgrowth of fat cells.

It’s a condition known as lipoma, that affects around 50 dogs every year.

But the tumour was still incredibly difficult for the poor dog to live with, due to the sheer weight of it – at 3.3kg.

Bouncer’s owner, Zoe McNulty, 37, first noticed the growth back in 2019, when it was much smaller.

Just months later, at the start of lockdown in March, it had grown substantially but due to restrictions, the mum-of-four had to wait until the case was emergent to get the lump removed.

Bouncer was eventually taken to My Family Vets at White Cross Vets in Eccleshill, West Yorkshire, where animal surgeon Anita Fox took out the ‘football-sized’ tumour.

The vet said it was the biggest she had ever seen.

‘The vets called us to let us know everything had gone to plan, and we were so relieved,’ said Zoe, who works as an NHS team coordinator in Greengates, Bradford.

‘Bouncer’s an adorable dog with such a caring nature. He’s a huge part of our family.’

Despite going through emergency surgery, the Labrador was moving around just hours later.

Zoe said: ‘He was back to his normal, bouncing self just a few hours after the operation.

‘I can’t thank them [the vets] enough.

‘They were great from the start, explained everything to us and generally went above and beyond my expectations.’

Bouncer, who has been left with a scar (which has since been covered up by his coat) is now in perfect health.

But he isn’t quite out of the woods yet.

‘He has other lumps, which are common in Labradors’ said Zoe, who also has another dog, a Shar Pei named Bear.

‘Hopefully they won’t grow the way this one did!’

We’ve got our fingers crossed for Bouncer.

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