Dogs at polling station are back bringing cuteness to the General Election

The polls are officially open and the votes are flooding in. People up and down the country are travelling to poll stations to cast their vote, and they are open until 10 pm tonight.

Obviously voting is important, it’s your chance to get your voice heard and make a difference. However, as a pet owner it is equally important to bring your dog down to the polling station. Every pooch with a shred of pride needs to have a photo tagged at the polling station, it is a tradition and such light-hearted fun stops this country from going to the dogs!

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Every year the hashtag #dogsatpollingstations trends on Twitter and this year the fun has kicked off again. Many sweet little mutts have been snapped wagging their tails outside schools or drooling away by town halls. Whether they are there as moral support for their humans to enable them to make the decision on who should run the country for the next five years, or the snap is a small pitstop on one of their much-coveted walkies, we don’t know. But all we can say is it's cute and we are living for it! Let’s take a look at some of out favourites so far.

Lots of sweet pups were out in force in Dulwich, mingling outside and debating the state of the country no doubt.

This whippet dressed up smart for a day of democracy.

There is something a little different about dogs in Battersea it seems…

This pug is so cute he would make you want to stick around and start doing an exit poll.

Is someone from Buckingham Palace inside casting a vote?

This lovely lab is bringing festive joy to the winter election, giving morale a much needed boost.

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