Edward James Olmos, Morris Ruskin Partner with Ecuador’s 2bLatam to Remake YouTube Hit ‘Mortal Glitch’ (EXCLUSIVE)

Edward James Olmos, his son Michael Olmos and Morris Ruskin’s MoJo Global Arts have pacted with Ecuador’s 2bLatam to make an English-language premium TV version of the YouTube phenomenon, “Mortal Glitch.” This is the first project in English for the Ecuadorian company as it seeks to expand its global reach.

To date, “Mortal Glitch” has been the only fiction series produced in Latin America for YouTube Premium. The web series has notched up to 37 million views, with 13.3 million views in Mexico, 5.1 million views in Colombia and 4.1 million views in Argentina.

Produced by 2bLatam’s production arm 2bOriginals, the web series was written and directed by Christian Moya, a partner at 2bLatam and co-founder of 2bLatam’s Enchufe.tv, the leading Spanish-language comedy channel.

“I never thought that ‘Mortal Glitch’ would have an international audience or, at least, generate curiosity among foreign producers who recognized its potential,” he said, adding: “I hope that with Olmos, the original vision I have for ‘Mortal’ is enhanced and can become a complete version of what I once envisioned.”

While the protagonist in the original is a girl, the English-language version will be led by a boy from East L.A. who, as in the original, seeks to take control of his own fate. “He discovers a vintage video game where he is drawn into the magical 8-bit world of three ‘non-playable-characters’ who defy their programming and set out on a perilous journey to save their world from a catastrophic glitch,” the synopsis goes.

Arturo Yépez, CEO of 2bLatam, said: “Enchufe.tv is one of the top ten brands in Latin American digital entertainment. Our success is largely due to the popularity of our shows and films. To have caught the attention of industry giants such as MoJo, Edward James Olmos and Michael Olmos is an incredible compliment to the dedication of our creative team, our high production values and our drive as a content studio.”

“With this exciting opportunity, we are more motivated than ever to continue pushing boundaries and delivering exceptional content to our viewers,” he added.

Michael Olmos’ development banner Echoverse develops character driven genre IP. For the “Mortal Global” initiative, Olmos will team up with his creative and writing partner Marc Furmie to develop and write the adaptation of “Mortal Glitch” for the U.S. market.

MoJo Global Arts is a new production and management company founded by Morris Ruskin, founder and board chairman of Shoreline Entertainment, and Joseph Mellicker (“Night of the Hunted,” “Ladies in Black”).

Edward James Olmos’ Olmos Productions launched in 1980 with the production of “The Ballad of Gregorio Cortez” and went on to produce such films as “Stand and Deliver” for Warner Bros., “My Family (Mi Familia)” for New Line Cinema, “American Me” for Universal Studios, “Roosters” for American Playhouse, “Mirages” for MCA/ Universal and “Walkout” for HBO.

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