Film Fund APX Group Appoints Andy Capper as Chief Operating Officer (EXCLUSIVE)

New York and London-based American-European entertainment fund APX Group has appointed Andy Capper as chief operating officer and head of North American operations.

He will oversee strategic and financial coordination of APX’s North America activity as well as business activities across the European divisions. He will also oversee North American-originating financing activity, integrating Blockchain technology and new opportunities, especially those related to APXCOIN, which APX launched in July.

Capper will also work closely with London production company Herd, which was formed earlier this year by Shelley Hammond, Ben Dillon, Hollie Richmond and Iggy Ellis, who merged Burning Wheel Productions and The Engine Room.

Herd is currently developing its slate of film and TV content, with the first production due to start shooting this winter.

Capper was previously at Vice Media, where he was chief editor and senior director, helping shape the Vice Media business philosophy. He helped start Vice’s U.K. division in 2001. He has created award-winning documentary franchises and films including “Swansea Love Story,” “The Vice Guide to Liberia” and “Reincarnated” with Snoop Dogg. Capper also founded Happy Now Film, which produces “The Choe Show” on FX and upcoming documentary feature “People Like You.”

“I’m incredibly grateful for this opportunity to help people get their films made,” said Capper. “We are working outside of the studios, looking to work with new auteurs, raw talent and those that feel frozen out by the system.”

Adi Cohen, chairman of APX Group said: “It is a great privilege to have Andy with us at APX Group. Andy is a revolutionary, forward-thinker and an outright philosopher of Media Business and as such fits perfectly into the universe of APX and its divisions. With the creation of APX’s monetary ecosystem through the APXCOIN that supports our network, Andy shall have the absolute freedom to create new and exciting joint ventures that are destined to transform media financing into the future, in accordance with the seismic changes in the world of finances. Andy will calibrate APX’s investment policy to diverse and thus grant opportunities to unique voices.”

Herd Productions and APX board member Shelley Hammond added: “I’ve personally been a longtime admirer of the outstanding work Andy has achieved to date in his career, he has been consistently successful at pushing creative boundaries – always thinking outside of the box and creating unique, game changing content. I speak on behalf of all at Herd when I say that we are absolutely delighted to have the opportunity to collaborate and explore what can be achieved together with Andy and the APX Group.”

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