Five unisex fragrances that work for men and women

Five unisex fragrances that work for men and women

  • Introducing the new generation of modern and original genderless fragrances 
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Back in 1994, Calvin Klein launched CK One, the first scent to be marketed as unisex.

Fresh, citrussy and universally appealing, it was an instant hit, making more than five million dollars in its first ten days.

By the time the noughties came along, however, the perfume industry had gone back to traditional gender norms: targeting women with sweet or floral scents and men with musk, leather and woody creations.

Thankfully, in recent years, fragrance innovators have realised that the concept of ‘feminine’ and ‘masculine’ notes feels increasingly outdated because, guess what, plenty of men like to wear florals such as jasmine and rose, while lots of women are drawn to earthy aromas such as vetiver and cedarwood.

This shift in thinking has resulted in the new generation of genderless fragrances. 

Fragrance innovators including Diptyque and Malin + Goetz have realised that the concept of ‘feminine’ and ‘masculine’ notes feels increasingly outdated 

Different from the unisex offerings of the past, which were mostly refreshing, zesty colognes, these new perfumes artfully blend traditionally ‘male’ and ‘female’ notes to create spritzes that are modern, exciting and original.

Wear them, share them and be prepared for the constant question: ‘What perfume is that?’

SOFTLY SEDUCTIVE: Phlur Father Figure EDP, £96,

The newest fragrance from Phlur is green, clean and slightly fruity thanks to notes of fig and cassis, which dry to leave a subtle hint of vanilla. Layers of patchouli add a sensual touch.

INTRIGUING: Boy Smells Cashmere Kush Fragrance, £105,

Like being enveloped in your lover’s jumper, this seductive scent boasts spicy peppercorns, earthy orris and come-closer musk. 

It’s given a vaguely metallic edge with aldehydes, which help lift a fragrance.

CROWD PLEASING: Beauty Pie Le Smash Santal EDP, £120 (members pay £33),

I didn’t expect to love wearing this as much as I do. Nor did I anticipate it’d be liked equally by the men in my life. 

It smells of suede, with notes of tonka, sandalwood, lavender and tea. Creamy, sunny and bright.

COMPELLING: Diptyque Tempo EDP, £148,

A heady mix of patchouli, violet and clary sage that’s elegant and sexy. It somehow manages to smell both nostalgic and modern – think spicy and woody. 

A fragrance that sinks into the skin and leaves anyone who hugs you lingering for another sniff.

ADDICTIVE: Malin + Goetz Cannabis EDP, £82,

Yes, it has notes of cannabis, but this in no way smells like a university house party. 

Instead, an earthy blend of cedar and sandalwood bounces off notes of bergamot, black pepper and magnolia for a spicy green fragrance. Far healthier to inhale than its namesake.

Just For Men 1-Day Beard & Brow Color (£14.99,


Beard tint, anyone?

Yes, please, as this one is for brows, too. Simply brush it on, leave it a few minutes to set, then, as it’s temporary, wash it off at bedtime. 

Just For Men 1-Day Beard & Brow Color (£14.99,

Under £10

Navy Cuticle Balm, £9.95 for 15ml,

A quick swipe with this once a day helps keep nails looking healthy. Plus, it smells like expensive cologne.

Navy Cuticle Balm, £9.95 for 15ml,

Hair we go!

With women paying up to 34 per cent more for their toiletries than men do for theirs, it makes sense to buy guy, starting with King of Shaves Sensitive Shave Gel (£4.99, 

Believe us, it provides a superior shave whatever your sex.

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