Former ‘Human Ken Doll’ Jessica Alves ‘ready to have sex for 1st time as woman’

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Reality TV star Jessica Alves says she's "100% healed and ready for sex" after her 'Human Ken Doll' transformation.

The 37-year-old has spent £75,000 on plastic surgeries in two years, including two boobs jobs, bum and hip implants and shaved her skull to look more feminine.

And now Jessica is on the hunt for potential suitors so she can have sex as a woman for the very first time.

She said she isn't fussy either, saying he "doesn't need to be good looking or Prince Charming".

In total, Jessica spent a hefty £725,000 transforming every inch of her body since she was 17 years old and was formerly known as the 'Human Ken Doll'.

The Brazilian star, who lives in London, found fame on reality TV shows about plastic surgery addicts and appeared on Celebrity Big Brother in 2018.

Since she began transitioning into Jessica two years ago, she claims to have been approached by social media sex-pests from “all over the world” offering her up to £15,000 to sleep with them.

Now three months on from her gender reassignment surgery, Jessica says she is "100% healed" and is ready to get physical for the first time.

However, the star says she is holding out for someone she has “real chemistry with” and doesn’t just want a fling.

Jessica told The Sun: "It will be a different experience so I want it to be special.

"If I don’t find the right person I will continue being a virgin, I won’t go to a bar to meet a guy and bring him home.

"I’m not going to be with a man only because he’s good looking either, I have to feel safe and know he understands I’m a virgin so I have to be handled with care."

She added: "I am open about what he looks like, he doesn’t have to be the most good looking man in the world, not perfect or Prince Charming.

“I just want a man who is masculine and confident, who treats me well, loves my body, who wants to make love to me and touch me.

“I want someone who will hold my hand on the street, introduce me to his family and have a family with me at some point in the future."

In her search for love, Jessica has turned to Tinder and claims to have “really enjoyed” her time on the dating app so far – despite many swipers refusing to believe it’s her.

She admitted many men ask if it's her of if her profile is fake, with some even reporting her profile to Tinder as they don't believe it's real.

So far, Jessica says she's just chatted to guys on the app and hasn't met up with anyone.

However, she said Tinder has given her a confidence boost as she gets a lot of compliments about her looks.

Jessica has admitted she's not done with surgery yet, and is having second breast augmentation, which will transform her “saggy” DDs into GGs.

She says she wants bigger and perkier-looking boobs because she believes it will be a better fit for her frame.

Jessica says she's based her bustier look on the late Hollywood actress and Playboy model Anna Nicole Smith – who died from a drugs overdose in 2007.

The star says she used to love her style of big hair, glamorous and "beautiful breasts".

While known as the 'Human Ken Doll', Jessica spent £650,000 transforming her body – including removing four ribs and having ab implants to look like she had a six-pack.

However, after dressing as a woman for a photoshoot three years ago, she felt comfortable and accepted she was always destined to be female.

Jessica has had butt and hips implants as well as facial feminisation surgery. However, one of her biggest ops was gender reassignment surgery – Penile-Peritoneal Vaginoplasty – which took place in Bangkok, Thailand, back in February.

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Surgeons used her abdominal (peritoneal) lining, which is elastic and self-lubricates, to create a vaginal canal.

They also used penis tissue to make a labia and a visible vagina during the six-hour operation.

She admits she “couldn’t be happier” with the results, saying there are "no scars".

Jessica said she showed her friend her new vagina and she was "blown away" by it, saying it looked like "any other vagina".

She said she felt like a "fetish doll" before gender reassignment surgery, but now she is totally comfortable as a woman.

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