Gabby Barrett Turns Down 'Intimate' Duets with Male Artists to 'Respect' Husband

Gabby Barrett, who is married to fellow American Idol alum Cade Foehner, says she turns down duet offers to not jeopardize her marriage by singing a song that could make her husband uncomfortable.

She might be rocking the country charts, but don’t expect to hear Gabby Barrett crooning on an emotional duet with a male artist, unless perhaps it’s her husband Cade Foehner.

The American Idol alum, who met her husband on that show, explained on the Unexpected with Hannah Love podcast that she’s actually turned down some opportunities already for the sake of her husband.

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“There’s been large song opportunities that have come in for me to duet on or be a part of, and something between myself and my husband,” she explained. “I respect him a ton, and I listen to what he has to say, and I think he deserves that. The Bible talks about us doing that for our husbands.”

She went on to explain that some of the songs she’s been offered “have been not appropriate to sing wording-wise, like these love songs that are really intimate wording-wise.” It’s these songs that she can’t bring herself to agree to take on.

“When you accept a song, there’s obligations that go along with it, that you could sing it on awards shows together, you might be doing interviews together,” she explained. “What does that look like on the stage? What does that dynamic look like if I’m singing with another man? Is that gonna make my husband uncomfortable? Probably.”

One way that’s going to look with her current setup is that Foehner would be right there with her. He currently accompanies her on guitar for all of her live performances. She did not make it clear if this was something he’s expressed concerns about or if it is solely her thoughts.

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Barrett and Foehner met while competing together on Season 16 of American Idol back in 2018. Barrett came in third that season with Foehner right behind her, tied for fourth.

Their romance began during the show and they got married a year later. The couple share daughter Baylah May, 2, and son Augustine Boon, 14 months, while Barrett is currently pregnant with another girl.

“I respect him and love him so much that I am not going to jeopardize my marriage to do a duet with somebody,” Barrett told Love. “I care about this a lot more and I pray and hope and know that God will bless my efforts in trying to keep my marriage straight and not… just for a duet or whatever it is.”

The “I Hope” singer said that she’s been told by people that “she’s ruining her career by talking about these things,” like her faith, but she doesn’t care because “I treasure a Godly marriage over anything the world could offer.” That includes a romantic duet!

Barrett had a breakout hit with “I Hope” in 2019, a song about cheating and heartbreak and revenge, which she also released as a duet with Charlie Puth. It was the first single from her debut album Goldmine. Her sophomore effort, Chapter & Verse, is scheduled for a February release.

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