Game of Thrones: No One Was More Irked About Varys's Death Than Conleth Hill

The Final Table Read

One of the most tragic deaths from Game of Thrones‘ final season is the execution of everyone’s favorite spider, Varys. Not that his style of execution was particularly sad (we’ve seen Daenerys burn plenty of people by that point), but his death was the final turning point before Daenerys’s “Queen of Ashes” reign began. Considering that the Spider spent seasons claiming the role as the true protector of the realm, only acting in the interests of Westeros’s citizens, his betrayal of Daenerys is meant to signify that she is no longer the righteous Queen he supported in the beginning. But if you thought you were pissed about the circumstances and eventual death of the former Master of Whisperers, Conleth Hill has you beat.

During HBO’s behind-the-scenes documentary chronicling Game of Thrones‘ final season, The Last Watch, Hill’s reaction to his character’s death is showcased during the cast’s final table read. Hill couldn’t have been surprised by the scene, since the actors were given their script in advance, but the vibe fans are getting is that he was still deeply unenthused with the route David Benioff and D. B. Weiss chose to take. After Emilia Clarke reads out Daenerys’s line sentencing Varys to death, Hill is seen closing his script, putting it down at the center of the table, and leaning back in his seat with his arms folded. The entire room is solemnly quiet and both Lena Heady and Gwendoline Christie offer their silent comfort to Hill, who accepts their touches with a wry smile.

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