Garrett Hedlund, Minnie Driver and More Modern Love Stars Share Dating Red Flags & Dealbreakers (Exclusive)

Whether it’s being rude to wait staff or lying about having kids, don’t do this on a first date!

Modern dating is at the forefront of Amazon Prime Video’s “Modern Love” — and while every couple on it faces an obstacle or two in their relationships, the show’s stars have a few pointers when it comes to avoiding first date pratfalls.

Returning for its second season on August 13, the new crop of one-off episodes revolve around more stories of love, relationships and all the drama that comes with them, inspired by The New York Times column of the same name.

Joining the star-studded cast this time around are Garrett Hedlund, Minnie Driver, Zoe Chao, Gbenga Akinnagbe, Lulu Wilson and Grace Edwards, all of whom TooFab spoke with ahead of the season premiere. With so much love on the line, we asked them all to reveal their first date red flags and dealbreakers.

“Geez, a wedding ring? I don’t know,” Hedlund said with a laugh. “I don’t know any real examples but I’m sure they’d be pretty obvious pretty quick. I don’t date too much now, you know? I’m in a pretty serious thing.”

Hedlund, of course, has been in a relationship with Emma Roberts since 2019. The two welcomed a baby boy, Rhodes, in December 2020.

“Red flag is constantly looking at their phone,” added Driver, “a deal breaker is not listening, just waiting for the opportunity to speak.”

For Chao, the biggest deal breaker for her is “if the person I’m on a date with mistreats anyone who’s in the service industry.” She added, “If that’s your best version and you’re being not nice to someone in the service industry, goodbye!”

Funnily enough, that’s actually something her character in the “The Night Girl Finds a Day Boy” episode kinda does as she demands breakfast food while out during dinner time. Her onscreen boyfriend, Akinnagbe, shared a more personal story.

“I went on — this is years ago, many years ago — I went on a date with this woman who I thought was very attractive and it was all good,” he began. “And then I found out later she lied about having a kid and that, I could never see her the same way after that.”

“To her defense, she was a young mother and I guess people had given her grief for having having had a kid, so she told me she didn’t,” he continued, “and I wanted to give it a chance after that, but … you can’t deny your kid to me. It would be hard to ever go back after that.”

As for the two younger stars, 15-year-old Wilson warned her future dates to avoid social media. “Looking at your phone all the time, if you’re on a date with someone and they’re constantly like checking their phone or just like scrolling through Instagram, no,” she explained.

Edwards, meanwhile, admitted she has “never really been in a relationship before” — and simply said her red flag would be anyone who doesn’t like to read.

“Modern Love” premieres August 13 on Amazon’s Prime Video.

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