Hana Mae Lee Was 'So Scared' to Use 'Babysitter' Flamethrower: 'I Could Ruin This Person's Life' (Exclusive)

The actress says they only had one chance to get it right.

While Hana Mae Lee’s character in “The Babysitter: Killer Queen” has no problem causing harm in the Netflix sequel, the actress herself was truly worried she’d do the same during one fiery stunt during filming.

Lee returns as Sonya in the followup to McG’s 2017 film, which finds the goth girl and the rest of her satanic cult once again trying to drain the life out of Cole (Judah Lewis). While each returning character — Robbie Amell, Andrew Bachelor and Bella Thorne are all back — get their own showdown against Cole, Sonya’s literally goes up in flames.

“That was me actually hitting the guy with the flamethrower,” Lee told TooFab ahead of the film’s release. “That was real, it wasn’t CGI-ed at all!”

“That was scary because I was like, ‘Oh my god, I could ruin this person’s life if I do this incorrect,’ because I could only do it once and also when I hit him it was real flames,” she explained. “I was so scared and I was like, ‘My face can’t look scared because we had one take, but I hope I don’t burn him, you know?”

Though the person she was working with was a professional stuntman, Lee still had her reservations.

“There’s still something that can go wrong, but it didn’t, so that was great,” she added. “I thought it was going to be super heavy and kind of like hard to function, but it was a little too easy and fun and it was great cause they rigged it really well so it was completely safe. That was my number one concern, not just burning the stunt guy but also burning down the mountain.”

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“Killer Queen” releases this week, at a time when people at home are craving new content amid the ongoing pandemic. While some theaters still remain closed or are operating at a reduced capacity, “The Babysitter” sequel dropping on Netflix makes it safe for everyone.

“I think it’s super great that you get to have something that kind of takes you out of the COVID kind of thing we’ve been into,” said Lee.

Saying the movie is “just ridiculous fun” filled with “lots of gore,” she hopes it will provide “a nice moment to just kind of step away from all of that and kind of enjoy some really funny, crazy moments in the film.”

“I think movies are really wonderful like that too, where you can kind of just take a step away from reality and just enjoy what’s in front of you,” she added. “I hope everyone feels that way when they watch this.”

“The Babysitter: Killer Queen” hits Netflix on September 10.

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