Has Kate Middleton DITCHED the bouncy blow dry?

Has Kate Middleton DITCHED her signature bouncy blow dry? Duchess unveils ‘mature’ waves in new ‘modernised’ look as she prepares for future role as Queen, stylists reveal

  • Kate Middleton, 37, revealed a new wavier blow-dry today during royal visit 
  • Duchess of Cambridge unveiled new hairstyle at Earthshot event at Kew gardens
  • Celebrity stylist James Johnson said the royal had opted for ‘more mature style’
  • Called the style ‘effortless’  and said it ‘showed a softer side’ to the future Queen 

 Kate Middleton’s brunette locks have long been her crowning glory, and her bouncy ‘Chelsea blow dry’ is as intrinsic to her look as the Queen’s famous Launer handbags. 

However, the Duchess of Cambridge unveiled a new twist to her hairstyle this week when she visited Kew Gardens for an Earthshot Prize event with Prince William. 

The royal’s hair cascaded around her shoulder in looser tonged waves, with the emphasis on sleek and natural rather than voluminous and bouncy.   

Following her appearance, celebrity stylist Tom Smith told FEMAIL Kate had opted for a ‘newer, fresher look’ which had ‘modernised her public image while getting ready for her future role within The Firm.’

The Duchess of Cambridge, 39, unveiled a new wavier hairstyle as she visited Kew Gardens for an Earthshot Prize event yesterday

Tom explained: ‘It’s important as a senior Royal to minimise how much she divides opinion and so Kate is not likely to ever embrace strong trends in hair, beauty or fashion. 

‘The bouncy blow dry she is known for is a modern classic, a style that has become timeless, traditional and classic. 

‘It shows off the bouncy healthy vibrant nature of the hair and gives the feel of luxury and health. Kate’s newer style to me is a more modern interpretation of her usual waves. 

‘We see the ends of her hair are a little straighter and ‘piecier’ which is definitely more in line with what is commonly asked for in salons these days.’

Kate Middleton has become known for her love of big and bouncy blow-drys during her time in the royal family (pictured, in November 2019)  

He continued: ‘She naturally has a fantastic head of hair and so this look still has the luxurious and healthy feel to it. But it’s clear she is more open than ever to embracing a more modern looking wave. 

‘It has a confidence about it and shows her in a more fashionable light.’

Meanwhile Tom suggested the Duchess could have worked with a new stylist to attain the ‘modern’ look, saying: ‘She may have requested this look to feel fresher and more youthful as a thick bouncy blowdry tends to make the wearer look older and more traditional. 

‘The defined strands of highlights she is sporting feel like a natural nod to the balayage trend and this is complimented beautifully by the modern styling for a fashion forward look.’

Experts suggested the shift in the styling of the Duchess hair indicated she was opting for a ‘more mature’ style (pictured earlier this summer with a bouncy blow-dry style) 

He added: ‘Recently, Kate has been seen with a variety of newer, fresher looks, including a ponytail and an ornate updo.

‘This to me, says that she is either working with a new team of beauty experts, who are modernising her public image, whilst keeping it ’Royal’ appropriate, or, she may have become conscious that her previous look was ageing her. 

‘Kate is likely wanting to make more age-appropriate choices ready for her future role within the Firm. 

‘She is slowly starting to increase her public appearances and will want to refine her image to stay ahead of the fashion game’.

Speaking about the transition, celebrity hairstylist James Johnson agreed, saying the look was ‘effortless’ for Kate

The expert revealed how the mother-of-three’s new style showed a ‘much softer version’ of the Duchess

Speaking about the transition, celebrity hairstylist James Johnson agreed, saying the look was ‘effortless’ for Kate.

He explained: ‘It’s nice to see Kate with a different bounce to her hair! 

‘Especially now her hairs longer, having it waved shows us a different side to our queen to be, showing off a much softer version of her, giving us an undone effortless feel.’ 

Kate looked elegant in green as she joined Prince William at Kew Gardens for an educational event tied to his Earthshot Prize initiative.   

Celebrity stylist Tom said Kate’s new look had ‘a confidence about it’ and ‘showed the royal in a more fashionable light’

The couple were joined by London Mayor Sadiq Khan, TV presenter Steve Backshall and double Olympic rowing champion Helen Glover as they took part in activities alongside children from The Heathlands School, Hounslow. 

The Generation Earthshot event, which took place ahead of the inaugural Earthshot Prize awards on Sunday, was designed to encourage children to ‘generate big, bold ideas to repair the planet’.

The Duke and Duchess appeared in excellent spirits as they mingled with children and VIPs at the event, taking it in turns to sit down activity tables with smaller groups.

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