Heartwarming moment mother surprises daughters with a new baby

Heartwarming moment mother surprises her two daughters with the unexpected arrival of their baby brother

  • The two sisters were surprised with the unexpected arrival of their baby brother
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This is the heartwarming moment two sisters met their new born brother in hospital for the first time, and their reaction was nothing short of priceless.

Penny Rose Barraclough, seven, and her big sister Phoebe, 11, both from Hemsworth, West Yorkshire, received the shock of their lives when they saw their adorable baby brother Luca Jack Walton laying peacefully asleep in the hospital ward.

The sisters had been coaxed into visiting their mum Jodie Mangham, 31, with dad Jack, after she had spent spent two weeks in hospital due to feeling unwell, and had no idea their new brother had been born. 

The siblings, who were captured on video entering the maternity room, arrived with the sweetest of smiles, before Penny Rose stopped dead in her tracks and asked: ‘Who’s that?’ 

The girls then exchanged looks of disbelief before rushing over to baby Luca and bursting into tears.

This is the heartwarming moment Penny Rose Barraclough, seven, (right) and her big sister Phoebe, 11 (left) met their new born brother for the first time

Big sister Phoebe sweetly strokes her brother Luca Jack Walton’s face as he lays asleep in his hospital cot

The new arrival, born on November 9 to mum Jodie and dad Jack, slept right through the surprise 

The adorable sisters were tricked into the surprise after mum Jodie told them to visit her in hospital following an illness

At the beginning of the video, both Penny Rose and Phoebe walked into the hospital room as they prepared to spend time with their ailing mother.

The girls displayed a look of excitement as they each clutcedh a McDonald’s Happy Meal in their hands.

First to notice something awry was Penny Rose, whose huge grin transformed into a look of confusion. In a state of utter surprise, she caught sight of the cot and blurted out: ‘Who’s that?’

While fighting back laughter, her mum eagerly responded: ‘This is our baby boy’.

The sisters couldn’t believe their ears – or eyes – and after letting out a huge gasp they dropped their lunch and quickly moved over to meet their new born brother.

So in awe were the girls, that it appeared they were moving in slow motion, with Penny Rose saying ‘oh my!’

She inched herself closer to the new sibling’s crib, before freezing dead in her tracks with a look of disbelief.

A comforting arm from mum soon reached out and patted her shoulders, ushering in the confidence Penny Rose needed to embrace her happy new reality.

Phoebe couldn’t believe her eyes and immediately burst into tears at the sight of new born baby Luca

She couldn’t hold back the constant stream of tears but tried desperately to wipe them away

Their dad Jack (pictured) was thankfully on hand to offer his girls moral support during the big surprise

The tear-jerking moment was made even more emotional when their dad stepped in to offer Phoebe a kiss on her forehead

Even more shocked was big sister Phoebe, who stood by her brother’s bed side and sobbed uncontrollably.

She could be soon wiping away tears as her mum Jodie exclaimed: ‘He’s beautiful ain’t he?’

The tear-jerking moment was made even more emotional when dad Jack stepped in to offer Phoebe a kiss on her forehead.

She then sweetly brushed baby Luca’s cheek as he lay sleeping peacefully in his hospital cot.

The new arrival was swaddled in a knitted beige blanket while his head was kept warm with a small white beanie hat, and he slept right through the surprise.

The recovering mum-of-three, who gave birth to baby Luca earlier this month, said she couldn’t wait to surprise her little girls with the arrival of their baby brother.

Although at first big sister Phoebe was frozen with shock, she later comforted her little sister

Upon seeing baby Luca, Penny Rose stopped dead in her tracks and asked her mum: ‘Who’s that?’

 So in awe were the girls, that it appeared they were moving in slow motion around the crib

Penny Rose can be seen sporting a huge grin as she spends time with her little brother

The family of five are now happily resting at home, and mum Jodie says the girls have been ‘amazing’ with their baby brother

Recalling the ‘priceless’ moment, Jodie said: Phoebe and Penny absolutely idolise their baby brother – they have been amazing with him.

‘Their reaction to seeing him was absolutely priceless. I surprised them due to being so unwell. With being away from them for two weeks, I knew they wouldn’t expect a baby to be born.

‘I could envision the excitement in their faces beforehand. I’m so glad I managed to catch it on video. It was such a special moment.

‘Their reaction made me feel nothing but pure love and made me realise as a family we’ve been through so much and we deserve this happiness. Luca has brought us so much light’.

The day after having Luca on November 9, Jodie was able to go back home and enjoy time with her family. 

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