Hooters waitress shares ‘adjustment trick’ to get more money from ‘cute guys’

A Hooters waitress how she quickly adjusts her chest to get the attention from a table of "cute guys" at work.

Shindy, who works at a Florida outlet of the restaurant chain, has gained over 60,000 followers for her videos acting out different work scenarios.

In one clip, which was posted on her @prettyinsomniax account, the waitress shared what it was like to walk in to see a table of attractive men waiting for service.

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In the video, which has gained more than 4,200 likes, she wrote: "When you see a group of cute guys sitting at your section."

She claims to "adjust" her boobs and hair before walking over to take the customer's orders as she claims it will get her more money.

"Gotta adjust the milk jugs for them tips," she added.

TikTok viewers were stunned by her beauty and took to the comments to give her compliments, claiming they knew she was going to flirt with them.

One user said: "I seriously hope you are trying to pursue modelling. You have an amazing look, you are absolutely stunning."

Another added: "You gonna flirt with them, aren't you?"

A third commented: "Yes, please!"

However, not everyone was impressed by the video as some viewers took to the comments claiming she should treat all customers equally.

A user argued: "Why don't you do that to all the guys in ur section."

"Cute guys don't tip," another penned.

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The news comes after Hooters girl Liana Pirraglia admitted she had "negative expectations" before she started working at the famous restaurant chain two-and-a-half years ago.

But she needn't have worried as it turned out to be "super fun".

Known for its waitresses' iconic, figure-hugging uniforms, Hooters is something of a US institution.

But the 21-year-old, from Long Island, New York, urged people to steer clear of unfair stereotypes, insisting there's much more to her and her colleagues at Hooters, Farmingdale are more than meets the eye.


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