Horoscopes today – Russell Grant’s star sign forecast for November 16

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You’re aware of the gossip going on around you but you will take no part in such discussions. You also intend to steer clear of a person who has a bad influence on you. You are trying to see the good in them but that isn’t easy when they are behaving so badly today.


You’re wondering whether you made the right decision when a challenge is not as easy or straightforward as expected. When you start feeling down, talk to a friend who always knows what to say to make you smile. They will help snap you out of your thoughts when you get too serious.


You have a good idea of where you want to go next but are you taking the right direction to get there? It will be easy to get side-tracked but this does not mean you will not reach your goal. It will just take you a little longer, that’s all.


You might notice tension between two people you care for and although you would like to help, this might only make matters worse. Getting drawn into an issue that does not and should not concern you will be a big mistake when you will be accused of interfering.


You’re spending too long analysing and wondering whether you are capable of a challenge you have taken on. Stop telling yourself you can’t do it. You have it within you to achieve something big. Trust you will find the energy and drive to make a good go of anything you put your mind to.


A friend or colleague needs to learn that they really must get active or they will achieve nothing. You aren’t impressed with the way they have fallen into an inactive rut and you cannot keep taking on their commitments to prevent them from getting into trouble.


You are starting to wonder whether a planned project will continue when there is so much tension in the air. Someone needs to air their concerns. Once they have said all they need to say, they will step back and harmony will be restored. A stressful situation will be temporary.


People can’t read your mind and you don’t intend to reveal all your thoughts. It will be through keeping quiet about your plans that you will find yourself in a stronger position than if a competitor was to know exactly what you are planning.


An older colleague will underestimate your capabilities. Either they have not been paying much attention to your recent successes or you have had no reason to display certain skills or talents. Either way, they are about to find out today exactly what you are capable of.


You don’t like letting people down and you would not do this deliberately. If circumstances have been such that it has left someone disappointed in you, there is a way to rectify this mistake. Recognise the problem and make a sincere effort to put it right.


Circumstances around you are changing. Adapting to new situations is key. It might feel as if your world has been turned upside down but refusing to make adjustments will only make it more difficult to cope. Why delay the inevitable?


An old friend or lover could betray a confidence. You had trusted them at one time with your deepest secrets. Having your private life exposed in such a way will make you feel you will never be able to trust anyone, ever again.

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