How Do Hannah Ferrier and João Franco from 'Below Deck Med' Really Feel About Working Together Again?

Hannah Ferrier and João Franco from Below Deck Mediterranean clashed hard last season. The chief stew and (now) bosun exchanged a number of bitter remarks about each other and appeared to leave the season as sworn enemies.

So when they learned they’d be working together again, did they cringe and start looking for another vessel? Or did they work out their differences? They appeared to try to mend fences during last season’s reunion, but only seemed to be at the point where they could tolerate each other.

Ferrier and Franco dished with Bravo about where their working relationship stands today. Plus Franco shared with The Cheat Sheet about how this season is going to be different.

No love lost between the two

Franco and Ferrier argued from the beginning last season. Even though Franco was a lead deckhand and didn’t report to Ferrier, he seemed to enjoy messing with the chief stew to the point that frustrated her.

He also dated Ferrier’s second stew, Brooke Laughton, which annoyed Ferrier further. Ferrier’s romance with bosun Conrad Empson only added fuel to the fire as Empson and Franco also had their own disagreements on charter.

Empson told Bravo’s The Daily Dish why he thought Ferrier and Franco just couldn’t get along. “They were both massive personalities, and João wanted to try and better Hannah every time. And they were both gonna clash from the start,” he said. “And yet, it never really gets any better, does it?”

Franco wasn’t keen on returning

Franco told The Cheat Sheet in March that he was hesitant to return to the show. He said once he saw himself on the show, plus read social media comments, he shut down. He closed his social media accounts and retreated.  “I keep telling everyone if you have doubts about yourself, do a reality T.V. show to figure out the bad parts of you,” he said.

He said seeing his behavior on screen really gave him a gut check. “I didn’t realize how involved, for example, my flirting was with Kasey [Cohen] and Brooke [Laughton],” he said. “I really didn’t know how bad it was until I saw it.”

Close friend and cast member, Colin Macy-O’Toole helped Franco decide to return to the show. He told The Cheat Sheet that Franco is a caring and thoughtful person who deserves another chance. “So between his work ethic, new attitude and head on his shoulders, this season was a really good idea for him to come back,” Macy-O’Toole said.

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Can Franco and Ferrier get along this season?

Now that Franco is this season’s bosun, he’s going to have to work things out with Ferrier if they want the charter season to run smoothly. So what did the crew leaders tell Bravo?

The first thing Franco says laughing is, “Oof. Hannah, Hannah, Hannah.” Ferrier seems just as thrilled. “I’m going to be working with João again this season which is definitely not my favorite thing to do,” she says. “But at the end of the day, I’m not the captain so I can’t choose the crew.” Ominous.

However, Franco says he and Ferrier and resolved their issues from last season. “Working side by side this time is going to be interesting,” he says. “We have to keep that professionalism running because we are the ‘make or break’ of this yacht.”

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