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A GADGET we all have in our homes can be used as a simple tool to combat condensation and stop mould in its tracks.

Condensation is the biggest driver of mould growth in our homes.

The fungus is usually found on animal or plant matter, building materials like wood and plasterboard, and furnishings like curtains, carpets and boxes.

While it has a major role in the ecosystem of the earth it can be dangerous in the home and costly to remove.

The NHS says the problem with mould is that it produces allergens, irritants and, sometimes, toxic substances.

When these are inhaled or they get into the skin, it causes nasty symptoms. 

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At first, these toxins may not cause any harm at low levels. But if they are consistently in the air, it starts to cause side effects. 

People who live in homes with mould are more likely to have respiratory problems, infections, allergies and asthma.

But mould can also damage your home.

So the key thing to do is try and ensure that you don't invite mould into your home by minimised condensation – especially around our windows.

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Experts at BJH Windows wrote on their website: "If you have invested in double pane windows, then you'll want to keep them up to scratch.

"The tricky thing about double-glazed windows is that condensation can get caught between the two panes and cause watermarks.

"This isn't ideal and can look unsightly. Luckily there are quick and easy solutions on how to clean inside double-glazed windows!"

The team at BJH Windows recommends the use of space heaters and hair dryers because they are in almost any home.

They're the perfect tool to help clear the condensation from your double-pane windows in the short-term.

All you have to do is place the space heater or hairdryer by the window and leave it on.

This will absorb all the moisture in between the windows.

Other tips to help keep mould at bay

Ventilation is also key factor in preventing the growth of mould.

And always ensure you allow fresh air to flow into your home as often as possible.

Admittedly, this is harder in the winter, but you should still try to open windows for short periods.

Don’t forget to open the windows when drying clothes inside, and at all costs avoid drying wet clothes on the radiator.

Further, as cooking can create a lot of condensation, remember to use pan lids to try and reduce moisture getting into the air.

Keeping the inside of your home above 15°C will help to stop condensation from forming.

How can I remove mould if it's already there?

Bleach is usually all you need if you neither own nor want to buy specialised cleaning sprays and paints.

If using bleach, mix four parts of water with one part bleach.

You'll also need a stiff brush, a bucket of water with cloth, and another cloth for drying.

Apply your solution to the affected areas (including a few inches around the visible mould to kill any mould not yet visible).

Scrub it firmly with a strong brush.

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Wait as long as possible or until the mould disappears from sight and rinse the treated areas thoroughly.

Pat dry the area and allow it to completely dry before moving any furniture or placing items in front of it.

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