‘I look like Two-Face’: Influencer reveals botched Botox and disastrous side effects

An American influencer has shared the side effects she suffers after botched Botox at a local medical spa.

Whitney Buha noticed one eye started to droop, causing her other eye to bulge out to overcompensate for her impaired vision.

“I can’t believe I’m going to show you guys this, but I’m getting a ton of questions about what happened with the Botox,” she told her followers on Instagram Stories.

“A lot of you get Botox. You didn’t know this is possible. I didn’t know this was possible either.”

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Three years ago, when she turned 30, Buha had her first Botox injection and continued to regularly get injections as she had no side effects.

However, that all changed when she noticed her left eyebrow wasn’t lifted as high as her right.

Earlier this month, she had Botox injected into her forehead, eyebrows, and upper lip to achieve a “lip flip”.

After she noticed her uneven eyebrow height, she spoke to staff at the spa who told her to come back to even the Botox out.

But three days later, Buha noticed her eye drooping.

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“Ever since I went back, this is what has happened. So whatever she did relaxed this muscle,” she said, pointing to the area right below her eyebrow.

The appearance of the sagging was increased by her right eye, which was bugging out.

“As you can see, my right eye is very wide open right now. I swear it’s wider than it was before Botox,’ she noted.

“I look like Two-Face. It’s so embarrassing.

“I can’t believe I’m showing this.”


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At first, Buha was told nothing could be done.

However, after speaking with a plastic surgeon, she realised the how rare her condition was as the surgeon said he had never seen anything like it before. But she was assured it was only a temporary condition, known as ptosis.

She said despite going to the same place for Botox several times before, she would not return, but was open to getting Botox again.

“If I’m being 100 per cent honest, yes, I will get Botox again in the future,” she admitted.

“You can judge me and say I’m crazy, but I’ve had Botox for three years, and I’ve never ever had a problem until this.

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“I guess these things can happen, but it is rare,’ she added. ‘When Botox is good, it’s really good.”

She did end up receiving more Botox to help lift her eyelids.

She is still waiting for her latest Botox treatment to kick in and hopefully resolve the issue, but she was also prescribed eye drops that will help lift her lid a few millimetres.

She is kKeeping her fans updated with daily photos, and her eye seems to be slowly getting better day by day.

“People are so invested in this and want to know what’s happening,” she told BuzzFeed.

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