‘I love my back rolls and will flaunt them over summer – others should as well’

A plus-size fashion blogger is encouraging women to flaunt their "cute rolls" in backless dresses this summer after learning to love hers.

Gianna Schiller, a body positivity activist, was seen posing in a backless green dress from the Princess Polly Boutique in a recent clip.

The model, who has amassed more than 73,000 followers on Instagram, told her fans that she loves her rolls and eating.

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In the clip, which has gained more than 21,000 likes, Gianna wrote: "I need my fellow chubby cuties to start wearing backless dresses pls. We look so good with our cinnamon rolls out."

She then added in the caption: "Because I like my back rolls (cinnamon rolls for us OG's) and I like to eat.

"I petition it every summer but petitioning every chonky scrumptious big girl I know to have their rolls out this summer because it looks so dang cute!"

Viewers cheered her on in the comments as they were jealous of the confidence she has in herself and others said claimed back rolls were "sexy".

One user wrote: "I envy you. I will never learn to be this free."

Another commented: "Why is society taking so long to realize that back rolls are among the very sexiest features a woman can possess physically?"

"I wish I could that’s my biggest insecurity. Thanks for sharing this and helping me.," a third added.

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A fourth said: "I wore a dress this weekend with the back open similar to that and my little back roles had a beautiful sunny day!

"Mainly, I forgot I even had them and I forgot they were out and about. I felt so good! You can't please everyone, so just dress for yourself! "

However, not everyone agreed with the message as one user said: "That's not my thing but good for you!"


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