‘I made my wedding guests wear blindfolds as I walked down the aisle’

She's amassed a huge 1.8 million followers on TikTok as a blind content creator and disability activist. And Lucy Edwards has now had her happy ending after tying the knot with husband Oli on 31 August.

Lucy and Ollie said "I do" at the beautiful Kew Gardens and they had a celebrant-led ceremony. She'd appeared on Say Yes To The Dress before her nuptials with Gok Wan to get an idea of the kind of dress she wanted.

On the day itself, guests at her nuptials were blindfolded as she walked up the aisle, a poignant symbol that meant they could experience the moment in the same way she would have.

Speaking exclusively to wedding planning website Hitched.co.uk, she explained: "There were audio descriptions of the bridesmaids as they came down the aisle.

"Miss Molly [Lucy’s Guide Dog] walked down the aisle with my sister and wore a bespoke collar with flowers going up her harness to match my dress. Guide Dogs UK sent us a new harness for her that was bright white to match me.

"They walked down the aisle to the Glasgow theme tune from Love Actually as it's my favourite song ever – little did I know Ollie had a surprise for me linked to this at the end of the ceremony!”

Lucy and her dad walked down the aisle to The Arrival of Birds from The Theory of Everything. It is a significant song to her as it is played in the film when Stephen Hawking gives the last monologue about his life and how he views the world.

She added that she also finds it very emotional: "It's almost him accepting his disability, but also not accepting it, whilst being a tiny speck on this planet. I really resonate with this story – it makes me cry."

When Lucy and her dad reached the altar, guests took off their blindfolds while Ollie audio described Lucy's gown to the guests- and there wasn't a dry eye in the room.

After a ceremony full of tears and joy, Ollie had a surprise for Lucy- the gospel choir from her favourite film Love Actually. Lucy was so shocked that he kept the moment a secret and was very happy about the music choice.

She added: “I still cannot believe he surprised me like that! I have the best husband on planet Earth."

Lucy and Ollie met when she was 16 as they went to the same youth theatre club. She'd gone blind in one eye at 11 and fully lost her sight at 17 due to a rare condition called incontinentia pigmenti.

But she and Ollie had an instant connection and he made it clear that he wanted to understand the world from her point of view. He also loved her when she didn't love herself after she went blind.

She explains: “We were friends at this club for so long, but I remember liking his Facebook photos and him not getting the hint. It was a photo of him with his Justin Bieber hair and his guitar.

"I wondered why he didn't pop up and message me after I liked them but I was told by Ollie he was very unaware that this was the practice.”

“One of our first dates was wandering through Sutton Park after going to the cinema to watch Ted, and then going back to my house and watching The Big Bang Theory.

“I remember this moment where Ollie asked me if we were going out by looking at a text from his mum and asking me if we were a thing because his mum was asking. I can't remember what I replied, but he was such a nerd – but he is my nerd.

“I have known I wanted to marry Ollie for years. He bought me this locket with 'make love your goal’ on it which are lyrics by Gabriella Aplin. Ollie saved up bits of change from every bit of money his parents gave him to save up for that birthday present."

Sweetly, Ollie perfectly timed his proposal to Lucy in 2018, choosing 3 July as that was the date they became friends on Facebook and constantly messaged each other.

Describing the proposal, Lucy revealed that they were on holiday in Tenerife when he popped the question. She added: "There was volcanic sparkly sand as at that time Ollie knew I could still see sparkle. It was as the sun was going down and he placed our beach towel down.

“He proposed as we were both lying in the sun. It was beautiful. I love that he didn't go down on one knee because I wouldn't have been able to see it. It was just very us.”

Since their proposal, Lucy's lost more of her sight. But she reveals that Ollie planned for that and chose her a one diamond ring so she could feel it even if she couldn't see it sparkle anymore.

She joked: “I love my ring. It’s princess cut because I am a princess. “The reason he went for one diamond is so I could feel it even if I couldn't see it sparkle anymore.

“It still feels beautiful now even though I don't really have light perception anymore."

Lucy was involved with Hitched's Already Wedding Ready initiative which promotes not having to change or alter yourself in order to be "wedding ready".

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