I panic about everything and I am too anxious to meet my grandson | The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: ANXIETY has taken over my life so much that my daughter thinks I don’t care about my grandson.

She is 28 and gave birth to a beautiful boy three months ago but I haven’t met him yet.

I’ve been branded as “nanny no care”.

I am 67 and I’m desperate to meet him but my ­daughter’s house is busy with visitors and the thought of going over sends me into panic mode.

I can’t invite her here because my house is a tip.

Behind the scenes, I’ve let things go. I’ve been struggling with anxiety since the pandemic.

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The mornings are when I’m at my worst. I wake up with a racing heart and intrusive thoughts that something terrible might happen.

Some days it’s so bad I can’t get out of bed.


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DEIDRE SAYS:  Please don’t suffer alone. Confide in your daughter so she knows your absence isn’t personal.

Consider counselling, where you can learn techniques to manage your anxiety.

The British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (bacp.co.uk) may be able to help.

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