‘I was called a devil after covering 200% of my body in ink – strangers lose it’

The man who holds the Guinness World Record for being the most tattooed person in the world has opened up about receiving extreme reactions to his appearance.

Every single inch of Lucky Diamond Rich’s body is covered in ink; to the extent where he claims “200%” of his skin is tattooed, having covered over his artwork “three or four layers deep” in some places.

This accomplishment has earnt the New Zealander the official Guinness World Record title of the most tattooed person on the planet, after he got his first piece of ink when he was 16.

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Now, opening up about his journey on the I’ve Got News For You podcast, the tattoo fanatic admitted that his extreme appearance has resulted in some difficult confrontations in public.

“I was in New York shopping in Times Square, and this Christian fella – no offence to Christians – this guy thought I was the devil, and he lost it,” he recalled.

“I was in there buying shoes with my girlfriend at the time, and he just absolutely lost it.

“The security came and they got rid of him. Whatever people think of me is none of my business, and I don’t need praise either or adulation.

“It’s ironic that I had to tattoo my entire body, to be the world record holder, to be comfortable in my own skin. That’s my journey, it is what it is.”

During the podcast episode, Rich confessed that it had always been a dream of his to take a valuable spot in the Guinness World Records book.

And, after already having 80% of his body tattooed, and realising that the record at the time stood at 99.9%, Rich decided to give it a shot.

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“I knew about Tom Leopard, the previous record holder. I knew that he was 99.9% and I just went, well to me that’s a golden opportunity to cover everything that I’ve got, and then I was actually tattooing over the black as well.

“So for me it was like there was a way of covering everything that I had, getting the record, and then retaining the record by going over the top of the 100% layer, which was the second layer.

“So really it’s about 230%… I don’t really say that, I just say that I’m still trying to finish my first tattoo and it’s all one tattoo.”


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