‘I’m nearly 40 but look better than in my 20s – here’s my secret’

A mum shared her secrets to defying ageing as she looks better now than she did in her 20s.

The fitness star has worked super hard to get into shape, and now Emily Skye boasts more than 2million Instagram followers thanks to her authentic approach to fitness. She's just shy of 40, but you'd never think it when you see her stunning snaps.

Toned and glowing, Emily looked fabulous as she showed off her tummy in a cut-out dress and proved that women can truly look fabulous at any age. From her fit bod to her glowing skin – you'd never believe she's about to turn 39.

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The blonde beauty posed wearing a short, strappy blue and peach dress. She looked amazing as she smiled for the camera and showed off her impressive pins.

Even though her make-up was subtle and neutral, she looked super glam as she finished off the look with a little lip gloss. Her hair was naturally wavy and she looked a complete vision.

You'd never believe she's nearly 40, as she looks so youthful in her pictures. In fact, she even admits she feels better now than she did in her 20s.

Writing on Instagram, Emily said: "I’m back on my restrictive diet that keeps my gut happy & I’m feeling amazing again!! I turn 39 in a few weeks and feel better than I did at 20!

"Living an active & healthy lifestyle is key to longevity! Also, finding what works for YOU is important.

"The way I eat to keep my gut happy & to feel my best mentally & physically may not be right for someone else. I find the exercise I do challenging but also enjoyable. It gives me energy & makes me happy.

"If you want to feel your best you’ve gotta nourish your body & move regularly. There’s nothing like this feeling in my opinion!!"

Since she shared the post more than 17,000 people liked it, and her followers were quick to comment too. People told her she looked "stunning" and asked for some of her top fitness tips.

One person said: "As long as you eat enough to stay healthy it doesn’t matter. You look fantastic. I’m glad you are feeling it to match."

A second wrote: "Well done. My nutrition is very similar to be sure to support my gut microbiome.

"Along with regular gut healing protocols. Although I prefer to call it a 'health dedicated' diet instead of 'restrictive'.

"Good luck in continuing to heal and to learn more about your body!"

A third added: "When I follow the same diet, I feel amazing! your skin looks clear, bright and beautiful."

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