Inside The French Sailboat That Transports Luxury Goods Across The Sea

We have one world, one earth. There has never been more focus on being environmentally friendly in the way we manufacture and ship our goods, and there’s a boat called the Grain De Sail that is working very hard to do precisely that. This unique venture takes an old-fashioned, Maritimes approach to the way they deliver wine and chocolate and their unique approach is making more than a few heads turn. By using the natural forces of the wind, the Grain de Sail focuses on using the power of the wind to take their exclusive wines and cacao to make chocolate from France all the way to the United States. Delivering these fine items while ensuring the least possible environmental impact is their mission, and the end result is truly one to be proud of. Of course, there is a limited supply of wine that can be delivered in this manner, so the ship is reserved for the finest wines only, making this not only an environmentally conscious adventure but also a very exclusive one, too.

According to their website, the Grain de Sail indicates: “We believe the traditional way of transporting by sailboat puts not only sustainability back into the mix but also people. It’s no longer just wines, it’s wines that sail made by and for the adventurers.”

About The Vessel

When we think about the shipping of wine, we don’t imagine this to take place on a glamorized sailboat, but the Grain de Sail puts this unique twist to the delivery aspect, making it an exclusive, adventurous approach to modern-day delivery. Reverting back to shipping methods that were much kinder to the planet we live on, the vessel itself is a simple sailboat that depends largely on wind force for its travels.

Energy Global News describes this vessel as being “a two-masted Votaan 72.With a 72 ft (21.90 meter) aluminum hull, the EUR 1 million sailboat will be able to carry up to 35 tons of cargo with a crew of four.” This cargo sailboat is one of many to come. The idea is to continue to add vessels to the fleet to increase shipments and continue to build on the vision of bringing exclusive, organic, ethically sourced chocolate and wine to consumers across the globe.

The Grains de Sail website indicates that the vessel itself boasts a “state-of-the-art climate and stability-controlled hull for the goods.” They go on to reveal that the ship “will be able to carry 1,500 cases of 12 per trip and make 2 round trips a year, one in spring and one in fall (approximately 3 months per round trip).”

People are lining up for this luxurious opportunity to taste fine French wine that has sailed across the ocean.

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Fine French Wine

Only the very best wine is shipped on this limited-space vessel, and to experience it is to truly be a part of an incredible journey. The wine shipped by Grain de Sail is carefully selected and is certainly not mass-produced. Their focus is on maintaining environmental integrity through every aspect of this project, so sourcing specific wines from the most natural grape farmers is of the utmost importance. The brand puts great emphasis on ecologically conscientious winegrowers being hand-selected, and of course, they sample each and every wine to make sure the final product passes their taste test before being accepted as part of the ship’s exclusive cargo.

The wines selected come from grapes that are grown with the “least intervention” possible. “Our wine growers choose to care for their vineyards in a way that not only enhances the quality of the wine, but that also preserves the environment for the welfare of the land and of future generations.”

Environmental Awareness

With the ever-changing landscape of the world we live in, one thing has become abundantly clear… the environment is at risk and action needs to be taken now in order to preserve it. The idea of exclusive wine that is carefully grown and hand-selected making its way across the ocean on a sailboat carries a lot of appeal. By founding an entire company on an environmentally conscious mission to transport exclusive wines, new appeal is generated to uncover this product. Shipping by sail with a four-man crew allows for an intimate experience, and creates a truly unique shopping experience for those with a fine palette and a genuine interest in preserving the world we live in.

The vessel also brings cacao, the raw form of chocolate, as part of their cargo. The added benefit of French-delivered fine wine and chocolates on a sailboat has people tuned in and excited to be a part of the experience.

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