Jane Seymour, 70, reveals her ‘best anti-aging secret’

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At 70, Jane Seymour is embracing the aging process.

“I feel the same. I’m a glass half-full person. My thinking is, ‘Just be as young as you possibly can be,’” the actress, who celebrated the milestone birthday on Monday, shared in her NewBeauty cover story.

“I don’t have many regrets, but I do wish I could tell that younger version of myself— that young girl who lived in England where it’s cloudy and rainy most of the time — that she shouldn’t bask in the sun with a reflector board and cooking oil during those two weeks of vacation! But, I stopped sun-worshipping a long time ago, so I guess I’m lucky there.”

Seymour’s perennially youthful glow stems from a combination of healthy eating, Pilates, vitamins and daily walks on the beach.

“I think having good skin is really the secret to not aging your face,” the longtime Crepe Erase spokeswoman shared. “Using retinol at night, protecting yourself from the sun, using the great skin care that plumps your skin … and pretty much anything that makes me feel healthy, is the best anti-aging secret I know.”

And while Seymour hasn’t yet nipped or tucked her famous face, she’s not opposed to trying plastic surgery down the road.

“As of now, I have chosen not to have a facelift — but I have nothing against any of it, nothing. Almost everyone I know is doing it and they’re really thrilled with the results,” the former Bond girl said.

“I think it’s great, and if I felt that somebody could do something that wouldn’t change my face, and I would have the results where I would look just like me, I would do it. I’m not saying I’d never do it, but I haven’t done it yet.”

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